We Cannot Sufficiently Explain How Much Fun Betting on Mitch Trubisky, Eli Manning to Throw Interceptions Will Be

Tuesday, 04 September 2018 18:16 EST

NFLbets thanks the football gods for this gift, this amusing diversion against the thousands of more serious proposition bets we’re considering early on in the 2018 season. What gift is that? Why, this NFL Player Prop offering:

Mitchell Trubisky OR Eli Manning throws 20+ Interceptions: 15/8

Seriously? 15/8? That’s definitely doable as a nice little throwaway bet that just might come in. The bookmakers are no dummies, of course, so this is hardly as easy a win as it looks. But hot damn, is it gonna be fun to watch.

The case for Mitch Trubisky to throw 20 interceptions

With Trubisky, we’ve got very small sample sizes to deal with, but NFLbets’ll give it a shot. In 12 games last season, Trubisky in an average game went 18 for 28 for 183 yards -- and threw just 7 TDs against 7 picks. This works out to 9.4 interceptions over 16 games.

Double Mitch's decent 2.1% interception rate of 2018 and now you're just under 19 picks in a productive season. Alternatively, increase Trubisky’s attempts by 4.0 per game and his interception percentage by half to 3.2%; that starts him at 16.1 picks. Imagine one disastrous game and you’re there.

Definitely doable.

Tell you what, too: If I told a Chicago Bears fan a week ago that the team’d Trubisky would start all 16 games and throw 20 interceptions *but* one-man wrecking crew Kahlil Mack would be signed up for the next several years to play defense, they’d be ecstatic. Matt Nagy, let him throw, let him throw!

The case for Eli Manning to not throw 20 interceptions

Eli Manning has played every single game in the last 13 years (except one, in 2017) for the New York Giants. In those years, he has averaged 16.85 interceptions per season and has gone for 20 or more picks. Eli hasn’t pitched a 20-waffle since taking 27 in the nightmare season of ’13. (Poor Eli got sacked some 39 times that year as well.)

On top of this, Manning threw just 13 interceptions last year, his lowest total since 2008 and he’s expected to be throwing less often now that the Giants are armed with an actual halfback in Offensive Rookie Of The Year favorite Saquon Barkley.

But who cares? NFLbets says . We note here that the following videos amount to little more than propaganda to take this bet, so if you’re overly susceptible to not-so-subconscious suggestion, please visit another page.

(Man, does Eli Manning have his detractors on YouTube…)

Here’s a visual record of Eli Manning’s 12 interceptions thrown in 2017:

And here’s Eli tossing 17 in 2016:

Here’s his first pass of the 2013 season. If you don’t remember this beauty, you can probably guess how this one’ll go…

Here’s Eli’s 25 picks in 2010:

And just to really hammer home the final nail, here’s a compilation of every Eli pick-six from 2011 to ’17:

C’mon, admit it: You want some of this action…