Current NFL standings Against The Spread (ATS)

One of the eternal mysteries about nearly all sportsbook- or sports betting-related websites is the complete lack of NFL standings boards for teams against the spread (ATS). NFLbets supposes this is so the sites can lord over the information as they blow would-be punters’ minds with factoids promising that such-and-such a team is on a 6-0 run ATS or that another team has hit the over on the over/under least often. How can the regular NFL bettor see the trends of the current season plainly?

Well, here at NFLbets, we’ve got nothing to hide. Please see directly below this year’s standings board for the NFL, ATS version. You’re welcome.



Teams ATS ATSh W-L
Dolphins 2-3-4
Patriots 4-4-4
Jets 3-3-3
Bills 1-2-3


Teams ATS ATSh W-L
Ravens 1-4-0
Bengals 0-2-4
Browns 0-2-4
Steelers 4-1-2


Teams ATS ATSh W-L
Texans 4-1-2
Colts 4-1-2
Jaguars 4-1-2
Titans 4-1-2


Teams ATS ATSh W-L
Broncos 0-2-4
Chiefs 0-2-4
Chargers 0-2-4
Raiders 2-4-2


Teams ATS ATSh W-L
Cowboys 2-0-0
Eagles 2-0-0
Redskins 2-4-2
Giants 2-0-0


Teams ATS ATSh W-L
Bears 0-2-4
Lions 0-2-4
Vikings 2-4-2
Packers 0-2-4


Teams ATS ATSh W-L
Buccaneers 0-2-4
Saints 0-2-4
Panthers 0-2-4
Falcons 2-0-0


Teams ATS ATSh W-L
Cardinals 0-2-4
Rams 0-2-4
49ers 2-4-2 2-4-3 3-3
Seahawks 2-0-0 2-0-0 3-2

To glean useful information from this standings board, you’ll want to keep a few more principles in mind:

•  Nothing can be statistically gleaned from the neutral-site regular-season games – the Britain games, of course, but also the Mexico City tilts and wherever else those wacky team owners think they can sell a virtually untranslatable game – and so these are not included in home/away win/loss records. (For the record, they’re a bitch to bet on in most circumstances anyway, though it’s easy to be fooled annually by the Jacksonville Jaguars’ experience jumping across the pond…

•  Between 10 and 15 games per season push, so figure one push every week. The standings board is thus most useful in determining games in which the pointspread involves a ½-point.

•  Unlike most other forms of at-a-glance statistical analysis, on the NFL ATS standings board, the extremes can be meaningful, particularly in the over/under column. For example, in 2017, 19 teams fell somewhere between 7-9 and 9-7 on the over. However, several teams at the poles made observant bettors money that season as ’Vegas could never adapt in time: The Green Bay Packers (11-5 on the over), Los Angeles Rams (10-5-1), Detroit Lions (10-6), Atlanta Falcons (5-11), Oakland Raiders (5-11), New York Giants (6-10) and Arizona Cardinals (6-10) were all obvious outliers by the halfway point of the season and each team’s respective trend increased through the second half.

•  All things being equal, the home teams are even better ATS than they are SU. In the nine seasons running 2008-2017, only twice have 16 teams fallen below .500 at home ATS; typically, 19 of the league’s 32 teams earn at least a 50/50 mark.