Live game betting: In-game odds, props

Would you believe NFLbets if we told you that online live game betting (a.k.a. in-game betting) is into its third decade of existence? No joke: Originally called “in-running betting”, this derivation on traditional sports gambling was first offered at-large in 1994; the creator of live game betting was Gibraltar-based bookmaker Peter Fisher, who was inspired not by football, baseball or cricket – all of which today draw quillions daily for sportsbooks around the world – but by golf. Watching a playoff round to determine the winner of a golf tournament led Fisher to wonder why no bookie would offer odds on the round; surely someone wanted to bet on it…?

Those who have tried this exciting form of NFL betting may well wonder why mainstream media continues to take relatively little notice of this form of wagering. After all, the proper modern sportsbook catering to NFL bettors pushes in-game betting to the point where someday this may represent the default way to bet NFL games.

So what is live game betting?
Live-game betting may be thought of as the ultimate extension of the proposition bet, which is defined as any bet on which payout does not depend on the outcome of a given game, match or series. Live NFL betting involves the opportunity to wager between plays. Along with the extant proposition bet offerings (e.g. Total Yards Gained by Player X, Player Y to Score a Touchdown), the better may wager on the outcome of the next play.

Naturally, in the live game betting format, odds on props constantly fluctuate as the given game progresses. Unlike the traditional fixed bets, there is always the possible adjustment of odds as the game itself plays out. Betting options for live bets do allow for these to be countered automatically, so a wagered bet keep current. Knowing the rules is the essence of live sports betting, so you’ll need to understand how they work.

Tips for live game betting
One might even call it “extreme betting”, particularly since the possibility of losing the entire bankroll in a single game is *much* more likely in live-game betting. Therefore, the live-game NFL bettor seeking to limit the losses should apply the default thinking on sports betting strategy even more religiously. The should include:

•  Stick to your bankroll. Avoid making the online-equivalent move of digging into the wallet (i.e. entering another deposit amount off your potentially well-worn credit card) as though you’re playing your last $10. With the action so fast in live game betting, that money can dissipate quickly.

•  Make smaller bets. We’re taking way smaller. Likesay, in the $1 to $5 per bet range. Look: In all NFL betting, the sheer odds say you’ll be chasing losses most of the time. The budget-saving bets are typically the props, parlays and futures. Live-game bets tend to carry smaller payouts, so scale down the wagers accordingly. Besides, what’s more fun? Making a lot of bets throughout four quarters or a few best which leave you busted by the end of the first?

•  Don’t take runs for granted. Sure, you might win four bets consecutively and in short order, but settle down, champ. As folks like to say in a slightly different context, “There’s still a lot of football left to play.” In this way is NFL live game betting like slot machines: Easy come, easy go.

•  Hedging is a more dangerous crutch. Whereas in standard NFL betting hedging is an excellent way to cut one’s losses, covering with hedge bets in live game betting can become quite dangerous, providing the bettor with a false sense of security. In fact, with wagering opportunities coming so often in live game betting, one might as well accept the loss on a short-term bet and place the next wager in another area of the game so as to gain ground rather than run in place financially.

Go ahead, give live game betting a try during this NFL season – just stay calm, rational and prudent. See the pages of NFLbets for great online outlets at which to enjoy live-game betting today!