AFC, NFC championship games: The first bet

Monday, January 15, 2018 3:45 AM

Vikings and Patriots fan“A proposition bet saved my bacon.” –Anonymous gambler

So going into Sunday’s final divisional playoff games, favorites were 6-1 ATS – with the double-digit underdog Tennessee Titans the sole loss – and NFLbets admits to sweating heavily going into the New Orleans Saints-Minnesota Vikings divisional at an amazing 1-5 for the weekend and thus down M4 (where M denotes Moneys, NFLbets’ preferred currency.

Maybe it was the adrenaline (yeah, adrenaline; that was it) that got the neurons firing correctly for the first time in a week, finding the incredibly enticing and ultimately lucrative prop “Number of Drew Brees touchdown pases plus interceptions” with an over/under of 2½. About one-third of the way into the game, Brees had already thrown two picks and NFLbets felt better than at any point during these playoffs on a single bet (except maybe the Buffalo Bills/Jacksonville Jaguars under – easy money, that).

And so the championship games bring us two matches featuring an underdog drawing cries of “they can’t *possibly* win that game, can they?!?” The taken-for-granted sides are always to be feared, if only for purely superstitious reasons and/or the tendency for the party line to mindlessly back the tried-and-tested.

But hey, at this point, NFLbets can’t be thinking outside the box – we’ll call it too early in the week. So the first pick we’re making (made, actually): Take a money-line parlay with the New England Patriots and Minnesota Vikings. As of Monday, the payout is just -110 and whoa is it boring, but we’re calling this a palate-cleanser.

Now to decide about hedging on the Jacksonville Jaguars at +9…

– written by Os Davis