Thank you, NFL, for confirming our parlay

Friday, January 19, 2018 10:42 PM

Within minutes of the stupid extra-point boondoggle at the end of the New Orleans Saints-Minnesota Vikings divisional, NFLbets was wagering on a New England Patriots-Minnesota Vikings parlay for the conference championship round.

Happily, the league has already decided that these are the franchises that will be playing in Super Bowl LII. In similar fashion to the missile attack warning sent to unsuspecting Hawaiians (oopsie!) last week, this “accidental” posting on the league’s Facebook page showed fans a wee bit too much of the script:

The Super Bowl is fixed

So thank you, NFL, for arranging NFLbets’ win and beefing up our bankroll for the Super Bowl LII. One question: When will the “Congratulations to the Super Bowl champion Minnesota Vikings” post going live?

– written by Os Davis