Super Bowl LIII props: Five teams that have the sportsbooks confused

Sunday, April 1, 2018 9:52 PM

Sexy 49ers fan Genevieve ChanelleOn the off-chance that betting on Super Bowl LIII props needs justification, not only can NFLbets remind that it’s never too early, etc., but also that this far out from opening day kickoff, some advantageous investments may be made: Right now, odds offered on the “Super Bowl LIII” futures bet are highly variable and, with a little searching, the clever bettor may find a nice handful of favorable odds if he/she is willing to spread the bankroll around a bit.

NFLbets compiled the below list of five teams on which the sportsbooks appear to be behind the curve. Specific odds from two leading online sportsbook websites are used; so as to protect the not-quite-innocent, NFLbets will used “Online Sportsbook 1” and “Online Sportsbook 2.”

To this wonderful chaos, we can throw in (to name just one) way-too-early late-March prediction from the NFL Network’s forecasters James Jones and Elliot Harrison’s predictions for ’Bowls of Green Bay Packers vs. Los Angeles Chargers (currently at about 15/1 to win the AFC) and New Orleans Saints vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, respectively.

And naturally the New England Patriots are pretty much the universal favorites to take the next Lombardi at 5/1, odds that are a) well too high and b) wrong.

For your consideration, then.

• The Green Bay Packers. At 9/1, Sportsbook 1 has the Packers as *second-favorite* on its table, getting the same odds as the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles. Ask any Packer backer or pro-Pack bettor why and you’ll get the answer “Aaron Rodgers.” Unfortunately, these two words are frequently the front office’s entire offseason philosophy and Rodgers is left running an offense whose best halfback is a wide receiver. NFLbets would definitely side with Sportsbook 2 here, whose far more generous (and realistic) odds of 14/1 have the Packers as just the seventh-most likely to win the big game.

• The Minnesota Vikings. A difference in 12/1 and 9/1 odds offered by Sportsbooks 1 and 2, respectively, may not seem like much, but the truth is that had Purple People Eaters 2.0 simply, likesay, shown up for the NFC Championship Game, the Vikings would likely be atop the odds table right now. And while no one would suggest that Kirk Cousins is an all-timer, Minnesota is complete enough that an above-average QB should look like an all-star for the Vikes. Pick up on double-digit odds against the Vikings while you can.

• The Dallas Cowboys. Three days after the Odell Beckham trade, the odds on the Cowboys winning Super Bowl LIII haven’t dropped too much, with odds of 16/1 and a whopping 28/1 offered at Sportsbooks 1 and 2 today. NFLbets can’t imagine that Cowboys fans – realistically the only ones who should bet this very flawed, perpetually underachieving team – would pass up odds of 28/1.

• The Los Angeles Rams. Certain to be a vogue pick and currently one of the four or five teams that NFLbets will be recommending on this prop. (Still can’t decide how possible an Eagles repeat is…) With the Rams heavy favorites to take the NFC West (not to mention the distinct possibility of going 5-1 against those teams), bettors have got to figure that the Rams are already on the inside track for a first-round playoff bye. Thus are odds of 16/1 and 12/1 quite favorable indeed.

• The San Francisco 49ers. The oddsmakers at Sportsbook 2 have been drinking the San Francisco kool-aid for sure, offering odds of just 12/1 on the Niners – equal to the Rams and shorter than the Packers. If you’re a 49ers believer, you definitely like the longer odds offered at the likes of Sportsbook 1: 20/1. But NFLbets reckons that a 49ers Super Bowl win after the first full season of the Jimmy G. Era is far too huge a Cinderella story to buy into just yet.