NFL Betting USA: Sportsbooks in America

Welcome to our NFL betting USA page. On this page, you’ll find our partnering casinos which are accepting US players (many of them catering especially to the US/Canada market), along with a few words about why we choose what we do.

What makes a good online NFL betting site?
As with any e-merchant site (and let’s face it, internet bookmakers are a sort of e-merchant), the value of appearance should not be underestimated and proper customer service is an absolute must.

As a subset of customer service, NFLbets puts much weight within what we call NFL Betting USA on the selection of payment methods offered. Citizens of the U.S. and Canada – and, let’s face it, in NFL betting, the lion’s share of interest is coming from these two countries – are often hit with financial institutions’ version of a firewall, as states and provinces each make their own laws on wearing in turn. Whether or not a given NFL betting site allows U.S. players and/or Canadian players is quite important.

After the rigmarole of getting money into the account, however, one thing is on the NFL bettor’s mind: betting. And at the “point of bet” as industry folks might say, the crucial factor is determining quality in a NFL betting review is simply quantity of proposition bets. This is highly important.

What are the types of bets?
As for types of bets, though some NFL carry special methods of wagering (don’t even ask about old-style baseball betting), roughly all betting on NFL events has at least three common bets: odds on the outright winner, a handicap/point spread bet, and an “over/under” line.

Outright winner bets speak for themselves, but a handicap (or in American football a “point spread”) bet is a way to make more money betting on a favorite than with a straight-up outright winner wager. This line is expressed in points, with a negative number assigned to the favorite and a positive sign to the underdog. When the final score is known, add or subtract the number of points to your team’s score to determine a winner “against the spread.”

Finally, over/unders are expressed as a single number representing the cumulative score by both contestants for the game. Bet on whether you think the total number of points is over or under the given line.

Proposition bets may be defined as those bets which are not based on the outcome of a game or games. In other words, if you’re betting which team scores more points in the first half or whether either kicker misses on a field goal attempt, that’s a proposition or “prop” bet, and these are the flyers that can make betting on football even more fun – just always wager responsibly.