NFL Contests

2019-2020 NFL SuperContest reviews:

For years, those of us who were interested in entering a season-long NFL pick‘em contests, like Westgate's SuperContest, would either have to be physically in Las Vegas to enter your weekly picks or hire a proxy service on your behalf with an overall super expensive entry fee. Starting at $1500. The upside is past 2018 net Supercontest wins could net you over $1million dollars.

Here's how the 2018 Westgate's SuperContest top 5 payouts broke down on a $4,309,740 prixepool.

1st $1,422,214
2nd-3rd tied for $409,425
4th $215,487
5th for $193,938

Not bad for a $1500 risk and entertainment over the course of the NFL season.  

Luckily, we live in a day and age where the internet allows you to find a similar contest at your favorite online sportsbook.

This year both and went head to head with their own competing NFL Super Contests.

Here is our review of each of those contests:


BetOnline 2019 NFL Mega Contest

How to Play:

Pick (5 ATS) ‘Against the Spread’ winners each week. Person with the most points wins over $100K. Costs $250 per entry. Week 1 through Week 17 of the 2019 NFL season. The objective to correctly pick five (5) games against the spread, every (17) week of the regular season. You will earn one point for every correct pick with a maximum of five points each week and a maximum of 85 points for the season.

Once posted, the odds will not change and a 0.5-point spread will be used in all instances to avoid pushes. Once your picks are entered, you can still go back and edit them should conditions change.

Every week the contest reopens on Wednesday afternoons. You can select any of the week’s contests, including Thursday night’s featured matchup. If you forget to pick and the Thursday night and early Sunday kickoffs come off the board, you are still allowed to pick your five best bets from the remaining slate of late Sunday afternoon, Sunday night and Monday night games.

Prize Payouts
Place         Prize

1st Place    $100,000
2nd Place   $50,000
3rd Place    $25,000
4th Place    $10,000
5th Place    $7,000
6th-10th Place    $5,000 / each
11th-20th Place    $2,000 / each
21st-30th Place    $1,000 / each
31st-40th Place    $300 / each

Note: there are no ties. If contest entrants finish with the same point total at season’s end, money will be split evenly. For example: if the two highest scores both finish with 80 points, the first- and second-prize moneys will be split. Meaning 1st+2nd prizes of $150,000 / two winners means those two entrants will each win $75,000.

BetOnline’s Mega Contest entry deadline is September 8th, 2019. Don’t miss out, Join BetOnline now!

Mybookie SuperContest

The Mybookie SuperContest had an original $150,000 prizepool, had an open ended prizpool. Meaning as more players entered the larger the prizepool would grow. No vig, no deduction, no proxies, every dollar in would be paid out to players.

MyBookie SuperContest registration opened on Thursday, June 20, 2019 and closed at 7:10pm ET on Monday, Sept. 9, 2019.
On Aug.29th, 2019 they announced the guaranteed prizepool had increased to $225,000 announcing more than 1300+ registrations as of Aug. 29th, 2019.
The final tally for the MyBookie SuperContest had 3,326 entries as of September 9th, 2019. With each entry costing $100 each for a grand total of a $332,600 towards their prize pool.

Here how it works:
Participants will make 5 ATS “Against the Spread” NFL picks each week. The contestant who correctly earns the most points for the entire NFL football season will be declared the champion and collect a Guaranteed $125,000 prize for first place!

Also features four quarterly prizes of $12,500 each to the contestants that accumulate the most points during each quarter of the Pro Football Regular Season.

Quarterly prize break-down:
1st Quarter: Week 1 through Week 4
2nd Quarter: Week 5 through Week 8
3rd Quarter: Week 9 through Week 12
4th Quarter: Week 13 through Week 17

If you missed this year remember Mybookie has some of the best contests throughout the year. Every dollar from every entry fee goes right back into the prize pool making MyBookie the people’s choice. I would have liked to get in on this SuperContest for $100 and I missed it. Next year our team is going to jump on this SuperContest early with a few entries. Don’t miss out like we did this year. Join today!