NFLbets rants and opinionates on football

Opinions? You bet NFLbets’s got some opinions – strong enough opinions to be called rants, in fact. Because let’s face it: The NFL is fodder for quite a few rants, in terms of both on- and off the field.

For example, take the league’s so-called stand on domestic violence and related issues. To start off the 2018 season, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback giggled his way out of public shaming on a sexual assault case of three years previously to get a three-game suspension; getting caught smoking marijuana on the first offense gets a six-game suspension. So what is the league saying? Big pharma is at least twice as important as the female half of the population?

How about all that stuff in the mid-2010s about three franchises – two of which claimed fans of above-average loyalty – whose management sought to relocate the teams, come hell or high water. By 2015, management of the St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers had all announced intentions to ditch their former homes because on unfavorable stadium deals, i.e. local populations refused to pay extra taxes for a free romper room for incompetent sides. After a dumbshow of a process which the NFL insisted would be objective, all three franchises relocated anyway.

As for Deflategate, well, NFLbets is certainly not set to ally with the Trump-loving New England Patriots, but that little debacle showed just what sort of tomfoolery the NFL’s interests are capable of – even with no evidence, reason or truth behind it. (Bitter lefties might call the Patriots’ punishment karma, except that in the same season QB Tom Brady missed four games, the team won the damn Super Bowl.)

But hey, let’s not forget the on-the-field shenanigans. Most would agree the refereeing is at its all-time worst in the NFL, yet the league has no interest in making the zebras, likesay, actual full-time employees of the league. With instant replay and coach’s challenges now a part of the TV-enslaved game, NFL referees are getting into a nasty laissez-faire habit of letting the replay decide key plays. Except sometimes the ref must make the call – and it’s inevitably botched.

Or how about simultaneously celebrating the bone-crunching, brain-scrambling hits we see every Sunday, yet somehow trying to change the rules to eliminate them? Players are encouraged to destroy but then fined or penalized for doing so; all the better to get more commercial breaks into the telecast, we think.

Or how about the stupid rule which obliges a team which just won the game by scoring a touchdown with zero time remaining on the clock to kick (or at least set up) an utterly unnecessary extra point? At least this will probably change with the expansion of sports betting the US post-2018, but damn is that the stupidest rule ever – good only to screw those betting point spreads and over/unders with a ½-point on ’em.

So yeah, if you’re seeking rants and hot(tish) takes like these, this is the page of NFLbets for you.

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