SIM Sports Betting

Sim betting represents an adaptation to the international crisis in sports betting in 2000. With the coronavirus pandemic raging, nearly every sport in every league in every country around the world has cancelled or put on hiatus the remainder of their schedules, while others are pushing back the start of their season – not to mention the dearth of sports betting. No games, no action, right?

Right – until now. MyBookie and some other sportsbooks have started a number of broadcasts using EA Sports’ uber-popular sports video games as basis. Just as though the given sports were being played by actual humans, the sportsbook will post on odds page for each game/event scheduled for that day. After beginning with the basics (the NFL’s Madden 20 and the latest iteration of the NBA2K franchise), sportsbooks have evolved the virtual sports game betting product further to include well more sports and betting possibilities.

What’s more, these “games” are broadcast daily either through the given sportsbook’s website or on a streaming platform such as Twitch or YouTube, allowing NFL bettors to chat with one another as the virtual game progresses just as they would in a Las Vegas sportsbook. Try your hand at betting on CPU vs CPU matchups in…

NFL Football - Madden 20. The combination of America’s gambling obsession and EA Sports’ flagship product made NFL sim games a natural – after all, how many Americans have already experienced betting on Madden? Madden betting is getting the lion’s share of attention in terms of action and media coverage at online sportsbooks. What’s wild is that, pandemic or no, this is precisely the time of year which usually generates the *least* NFL betting.

NBA 2K SIM Basketball. NBA basketball was also an easy choice; EA Sports’ NBA 2K gets the most marketing and arguably makes the biggest leap year-to-year in graphics quality. Plus, sportsbooks are able to simply pick up the league schedule at the point the season was abandoned.

NCAA basketball. April Madness, anyone…? Using the NBA2K engine, My Bookie tipped off its “2K Madness Tournament” on April 7, complete with bracket, rankings and bets – including odds on the tournament winner. (Kansas started as favorite and Dayton went off in the no.2 spot.) Games are over in 30 minutes, with just five-minute quarters employed.

NASCAR and other motor sports. Betting on sim motor sports has proven highly popular, and the NASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series combined eSports and sim sports in an exciting combination which has won over audiences of 1 milion-plus through ESPN broadcasts and untold action at online (and even Vegas!) sportsbooks.

UFC/MMA. Several sportsbooks have run combat sport matches for betting purposes, but betters of UFC have an interesting opportunity coming up. The UFC 249 card on April 18 has been cancelled, so some sportsbooks will be duplicating the card virtually and take bets on the fights.

Soccer. It’s unlikely that the sportsbooks have researched the appeal of virtual sports game betting in Europe and South America, but it’s also unlikely that the world’s most popular game will avoid the sim betting treatment for long. On the other hand, the eSports world appears to have a strong stranglehold on eSoccer games -- and they're providing plenty of betting markets.

Like everyone else, we hope the coronavirus pandemic is offer sooner rather than later, but for now virtual sports game betting is a fun and exciting diversion. Good luck!

Super Sim Trubisky leads Bears to 30-24 win in Madden Madness Bowl

Monday, 01 June 2020 14:55 EST

So who needs so-called “real-life” NFL football? If Super Bowl LIII (New England Patriots 13, Los Angeles Rams 3) had been half as much fun as a single minute of play from the BetOnline’s Madden Madness Sim Bowl, no one would be wishing for that 3½ hours back.

Check out this sequence, which contained nearly as much scoring as that entire Patriots-Rams debacle. Following a Rams block of a FG attempt and a 2-point safety runback, the Rams go 3-and-out, punt. On the first play from scrimmage, Tarik Cohen gets the pitch and is smeared by Aaron Donald (for one of the former DMVP’s three sacks) to force the fumble. Bears WR Taylor Gabirel returns from his route, gets into the confused scrum of Rams defenders near the line of scrimmage, picks up the ball and takes it 89 yards for a TD.

Bears kick off, Todd Gurley is hit for a loss. And second down, Jared Goff drops back only to be crushed by big Akeem Hicks to force another fumble. Hicks himself takes it in for a second fumble recovery return TD inside of one minute of game time.

With the defense dominating, sim Chicago might’ve won the Madden Madness Bowl without their quarterback playing like the GOAT Tecmo Bowl Eagles QB, but the great Sim Mitch Trubisky delivered anyway. Sim Tru’s TD pass to Tarik Cohen to close out the first half sparked a 20-2 run by the Bears to ultimately go up 20-13 and never surrender the lead again.

Leave it to Sim Trubisky to slam the door, throw the dagger, put the game to bed and wear out other clichés in the fourth quarter. Hen notched what would be the final score of the ’Bowl, running in a TD – his fifth in the past three last Madden games! And with 1:30 to play in the fourth, Sim Trubisky took matters into his own hands at the Bears 33 on 3rd and 4, coolly running for 19 yards. For the Rams, it was all over but the crying. Final score: Chicago Bears 30, Los Angeles Rams 24.

Mitch Trubisky is awesomeNFLbets happily cleaned up on our bets to cover the Sim Bears money line (ML) – obvious, really – and the over, which covered with more than 3 minutes remaining in the third quarter.

As for Mitch’s final stat line, it read 20-of-27 for 230 yards to go with 89 yards rushing, 1 passing TD, 1 rushing TD against zero turnovers. Sim Trubisky had accounted for 319 of the Rams’ 430 total yards, yet somehow the MVP of the BetOnline Madden Madness Sim Bowl was … Akeem Hicks. No denying Hicks’s badassery here: The dude has a couple of big sacks on Goff and the TD, but dudes, it’s sim Trubisky.

Naturally, The Great Sim One told what most considered a snub in stride. This was a team win, a team Sim Lombardi Trophy, a Super Bowl for the fans But we know he’ll remember the slight. Sim Tru’s cool, but this wasn’t cool. Tell you what: When the next Madden Madness tournament comes around, Sim Trubisky’s gonna play angry. Be afraid; be very afraid.

P.S. The South’s no. 8 seed Carolina Panthers beat the Buffalo Bills in the third-place, a.k.a. consolation, game, 34-10. Like anybody cares.

Mitch Trubisky is a damn superman, has Bears in Madden Bowl against L.A. Rams

Sunday, 31 May 2020 13:54 EST

Betting on Turbisky in Sim Super BowlSim Trubisky is a goddamn superman. Virtually all other sim quarterbacks in BetOnline’s Madden Madness NFL sim football tournament had been tearing up NFL defenses – Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Ryan Tannehill – finally showed their true colors in the Elite 8 and Final Four rounds. That wacky Madden sim engine could hardly be kept from producing one bizarre result for the Sim Bowl to be played today at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

Final Four round: North vs East
The Buffalo Bills survived the New York Jets in a 9-7 thriller (not!) in Friday’s Elite 8 round, and sim Trubisky controlled the tempo against what had been an unbeatable Green Bay defense while the Bears forced three turnovers (hey, in a CPU vs CPU All-Madden level game, that’s a lot) in a 20-8 win.

Well, on this Saturday, nothing worked for Buffalo. Sim Trubisky continued running as though he were Beattie Feathers in 1934, whipping off runs of 12 or 13 yards like nothing and sliding safe gracefully. The Bears ran up a 20-3 lead and when Khalil Mack forced the fumble out of Josh Allen in the red zone with under four minutes to play, it was over. Chicago Bears 20, Buffalo Bills 6, because after the 1990s, nobody outside of Buffalo wants the Bills in another Super Bowl.

Final Four round: West vs South
The Los Angeles Rams defense kept Patrick Mahomes’s numbers down in a 25-9 win to take the Elite 8 game, even notching a safety on the QB in a 16-point second quarter to which the Chiefs could never answer. The Carolina Panthers meanwhile finished off the South bracket thanks to a Graham Gano field goal with 9 seconds remaining. Carolina Panthers 22, Tennessee Titans 20.

Does Madden believe in teams of destiny? Since taking out the no. 1 seed New Orleans Saints, the Panthers had fit that bill. But even though sim Cam Newton had been unbelievable in this tournament, he’s no sim Mitch Trubisky. The sim Rams offense has been playing to at least 2017 levels, and the sim Rams defense may almost be ready to take on the Madden ‘07 Patriots, never mind the Madden ‘17 Patriots. Aaron Donald was an absolute beast again with three solo QB sacks, and the L.A. D allowed just two TDs all day. Los Angeles Rams 30, Cinderella Panthers 22.

So it all comes down to this:

Madden glitches are awesomeThe Bet Online Madden Sim Bowl –
Chicago Bears +2½ vs L.A. Rams, over/under 39½ points

Come on, now: How many of you chose this matchup for the first Sim Bowl? In real life, the Rams finished 9-7 in 2019, while the Bears went just 8-8 and a notable amount in both teams’ off-field personnel suffered neck strain while attempting to avoid facing reality vis-à-vis their quarterback.

But that’s real life, isn’t it? The 2019 Chicago Bears weren’t running with Sim Trubisky, a badass who doesn’t get tackled until he wants to be tackled. Mathematically precise and beautiful are the arcs of his passes, craftily sculpted are the drives he leads. In this tournament at least, Mitch Trubisky is a fucking god in the mold of a Madden 2004 Michael Vick or Tecmo Bowl’s QB Eagles. As amazing as Aaron Donald has been, no one can handle the Mitch.

Which is why NFLbets is saying take the Chicago Bears ML at +110 vs the Los Angeles Rams. AS for the over/under, you’re guess is as good as ours. After a run of 5-3 by over, the under is now on 5-1 run, with the sole over coming in the Rams-Panthers Final Four game. NFLbets supposes that if you like the sim Rams, take the over. If you like the Bears, well, there’s no telling what kind of damage Sim Trubisky will do to these unsuspecting sim Rams defenders. You’re probably still taking the over. So … take the over, we guess.

–written by Os Davis

Sim Chiefs, sim Packers avoid upsets, advance to Madden Madness Elite 8

Friday, 29 May 2020 12:29 EST

After the craziness in the previous day’s “Sweet 16” games in Bet Online’s Madden Madness sim tournament, normalcy prevailed in the bottom half of the bracket yesterday.

Highlight from Madden Madness sim tournamentIn the Sweet 16 round, the Kansas City Chiefs survived the Las Vegas Raiders, 38-35, after Chucky’s team went on a 21-0 run in the second to third quarters.

The Green Bay Packers really ran up the ol’ scoreboard on the Cleveland Browns by winning the baseball game, 13-6.

Philadelphia’s Madden players nicely simulated the real-life Eagles by taking the Buffalo Bills into overtime, only to blow their possession in overtime aaaaaaaaaand Bills victory, 23-20.

Finally, the South playoff between real-life rivals the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans also went into overtime, with the Titans D holding the Texans to a field goal in extra time and Tennessee advancing, 34-31.

Pointspread and over/under for the Eliter 8 games are as follows.

West: Los Angeles Rams +3½ at Kansas City Chiefs, over/under 50 points
North: Chicago Bears +3 at Green Bay Packers, over/under 43½ points
South: Carolina Panthers +3 at Tennessee Titans, over/under 43½ points
East: New York Jets +2½ at Buffalo Bills, over/under 42½ points

NFLbets could tell you that underdogs are 5-2-1 ATS in the last eight games or, better yet, that the over is 6-2 in that span. We might also point out that in the Elite 8 round of May29, all home teams were playoff teams in 2019 and none of the visitors are.

But, and we can’t emphasize this strongly enough, *this isn’t real football* and Madden has never been a reliable simulator in terms of reproducing real-life results. It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun – just be sure to adjust your bets accordingly. (There’s a reason why betting is limited to results based on the scores of the game only.)

In the spirit of fun then – and not betting very many moneys – we’d say to take the over in the Rams-Chiefs, Panthers-Titans and Jets-Bills. Why? The difficulty level for the CPU vs CPU game is set for both teams at All-Madden. We’re not sure why, but putting all players on this level has benefitted quarterbacks and edge rushers the most. Just look at some of the quarterbacks left in this competition: Mitch Trubisky, Jared Goff, Sam Darnold (who may be great someday but patently was not in 2019) … and Cam Newton is no longer hobbled or sightless.

Note, too, the low variance in pointspreads for this round. If you’re covering any underdog plus the points, you may as well take the moneyline, which pays off at much better odds. But again: wager the proverbial responsibly.

–written by Os Davis

Crazy upsets putting the “Madness” in “Madden Madness”

Thursday, 28 May 2020 11:23 EST

What in the name of Vince Lombardi is going on in Bet Online’s Madden Madness sim football tournament? With half the “Sweet 16” round complete, we’re guaranteed an “Elite 8” with at least four teams which didn’t actually make the playoffs and are guaranteed only two such teams. The New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers are already out, eliminated by Washington, the Carolina Panthers (Madden Cam Newton is awesome) and “Los Angeles” Chargers, respectively.

While some of the topsy-turvy results are down to teams looking better on paper than their 2020 performance would indicate (again, Madden Cam Newton is awesome), but much of the blame can be bestowed on the AI coaches. Particularly egregious was AI John Harbaugh. The scenario: In the Sweet 16 round against the Bears, immediately after the 2-minute warning, down 24-21, 4th down and 3. So naturally, the Ravens call for ... a run by FB Patrick Ricard, who *hasn't had a single carry in three NFL seasons*. We can't imagine why Baltimore lost this game to Mitch Trubisky & Co....

And so went the Sweet 16 round:

• East: New York Jets (5) 30, Washington (8) 24
• South: Carolina Panthers (8) 20 at Atlanta Falcons (4) 13
• North: Chicago Bears (4) 31 at Baltimore Ravens (1) 24
• West: Los Angeles Rams (4) 39, “Los Angeles” Chargers (8) 16

The second round of Sweet 16 games runs today, May 28. Pointspreads and over/unders are as follows.

• West: Las Vegas Raiders (6) +7½ at Kansas City Chiefs (2), over/under 52 points
• North: Cleveland Browns (6) +4½ at Green Bay Packers (2), over/under 46 points
• South: Tennessee Titans (3) +1½ at Houston Texans (2), over/under 47 points
• East: Philadelphia Eagles (3) -3 at Buffalo Bills (2), over/under 44 points

Three of the first four Sweet 16 games in the tournament went for 54 points or more and 50+ point games are commonplace – perhaps due to the mostly neutral field conditions in the game. Plus, with the built-in favoritism to the offense in today’s NFL rulebook, if inferior AI coaches face off, the better offense wins. So we’re saying take the over on any or all of these games.

As for winners ATS, the only opportunity we really like is to take the sim Texans -1½ vs the Titans. Houston’s roster looks great in terms of metrics, and the comedown from Mike Vrabel to AI Mike Vrabel is significant. Also: Newton vs Watson in the Elite 8!

Beyond that, we believe that given how this tournament’s gone thus far, the Chiefs and Packers can’t possibly both survive this round. All of a sudden, the 2019 Cleveland Browns feel just perfect for this tourney as a tremendously underachieving team that has screwed NFL bettors one way or another for two real-life seasons straight – and Freddie Kitchens to AI Freddie Kitchens is a step up.

Bet Online is setting everything up for a Browns vs Pantehrs Madden Sim Bowl, we can feel it…

–written by Os Davis

On the road to the Sim Bowl: Betting the Madden Madness sim NFL tournament

Saturday, 23 May 2020 13:59 EST

Can you believe we’re already just one week away from the Super Bowl? Well – the BetOnline Madden Sim Super Bowl, that is. The final games in the simmed regular season, played using 2019 rosters, have ended and the tournament phase begins.

Bet Online’s Madden sim game distinguished itself from many an online sportsbook’s offerings in its unique format – which the actual NFL might consider using in a shortened-season scenario, except for the whole games-every-day thing, we suppose…

The teams in each of the league’s eight divisions squared off in round-robin format over six games in World Cup tournament-style. After round-robin play, tournament play begins. In round one, all 32 teams compete in single-elimination games. The seeding here is determined by grouping teams from each division with its conference counterpart and ranking by record in pool play. So for example, the round one game in the West features the no. 8 “Los Angeles” Chargers at the no. 1 San Francisco 49ers.

The Sweet 16 round runs May 27-28 and will elimination all but two teams in each region for the Elite 8 round of May 29. The Final Four round (slated for May 30) will be made up by the winners of the North, East, South and West brackets, while the Madden Sim Bowl happens on May 31 – probably just in time for another season of sim football betting because why not?

Click on the image below to see the Madness Madness tournament schedule. All games may be watched live on Twitch at

BetOnline sim football betting

Since the Final Four round will be reseeded, NFL bettors can’t exactly cover a futures bet on a winner and in fact Bet Online isn’t offering this particular prop bet. However, what is incredibly interesting is the real-life Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and NFC champion San Francisco 49ers are both seeded in the West.

But hey, let’s throw some predictions out there anyway. We’ll go with the no. 1 Ravens from the North, the no. 2 Chiefs from the West, the no. 2 Texans from the South and no, NFLbets won’t be going against even the sim Patriots, no. 1 seed in the East. So it’s probably Ravens vs Chiefs in the ’Bowl. Though we’ll just be, as they say, taking these games one at a time.

As for how to bet on Madden Football sims – if you’re not already in the know – It’s as simple as betting on sports as you normally would, though offerings are limited to a few basics such as pointspread, money line and over/under bets for the game, quarter and first half; no player props and other proposition bets are available, though for the Big Game, who knows…?

UFC 249 Justin Gaethje vs. Tony Ferguson: Odds and Predictions

Thursday, 07 May 2020 19:43 EST

How to Bet UFC 249 Justin Gaethje vs. Tony Ferguson

The UFC 249 fight card might be one of the deepest and most exciting mma events in years, certainly the most highly anticipated mma event in 2020. While the entire sporting world sits at a standstill during this global pandemic, the UFC seems intent on pushing a business as usual schedule. Perhaps that’s not entirely accurate, as UFC 249 in Jacksonville, Florida this coming Saturday (May 9th, 2020) will take place in front of no fans. Social Distancing measures will not permit fans at this time. The only possible way to proceed is as a ‘closed event’ status. With all said, fans are jumping for joy at prospect to watch the next UFC event, “it’s history in the making”!

The main card promises to be an absolute beauty, so we are going to do out best to break it down, complete with UFC 249 odds and predictions.

MMA UFC 249 Full Card Odds

Greg Hardy (-215)Vs Yorgan De Castro (+175)

The main card kicks off with a Heavyweight battle between a pair of fighters who have paid their dues in the Contender Series before jumping to the UFC proper. Hardy is perhaps best known for his time in the NFL, but his high profile has seen him land on several cards thus far, albeit with a mixed bag of results. You never really know what you are going to get from Hardy, as he goes from looking great to looking terrible from one fight to the next. De Castro has power in spades, so the chances of this fight going the distance seems slim. Slight nod to Hardy here or you can take the dog value in betting Yorgan De Castro (+175).

Jeremy Stephens (+200) Vs Calvin Kattar (-255)

Next up on the main card is a Featherweight bout that should deliver some serious action. Stephens is one of those fighters who has been around for about a decade or so now, and while never really scaling the heights of the division, he is a fighter who will go head to head with anyone, compiling a 28-17 record along the way. Kattar is a fighter on the rise and one that we should probably be keeping an eye on. I think he continues to move up the ranks with a win here.

Francis Ngannou (-270) vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik (+210)

Originally slated for 5 rounds, this one has been moved back to a 3-rounder, but given the power that both of these men possess, shaving off a couple of rounds probably isn’t really going to matter. Ngannou has, after a loss at UFC 226, rebounded with a trio of wins via KO that he delivered in a combined time of just over 2 minutes. Rozenstruik has won each of his 10 bouts and loudly campaigned for a fight with Ngannou, which may well come back to haunt him, as I think he is in a little over his head in this one. Ngannou was at -300 earlier this week until some solid action came in on Rozenstruik to move the line down to -270. This fight is also the favourite to end the fastest on Saturday at +100.

Henry Cejudo (-235) Vs Dominick Cruz (+195)

This bantamweight bout is a bit of a strange one in that it’s a little tougher to know what to expect. Cejudo, the reigning champion, is coming into this bout on a 5-fight winning streak and looks like a good bet against a fighter who has not set foot in the Octagon since December 2016. Do not let that fool you, though, as Cruz has all the tools to come out and win this one. I just think that he might need a fight or two under his bet before he is back at his best, so I am on Cejudo to win. The champ opened as a -270 favourite, but action on Cruz has dropped that number to Cejudo -210 with the challenger at +160.

Tony Ferguson (-173) Vs Justin Gaethje (+143)

The event will be headlined by Justin Gaethje battling Tony Ferguson for the interim lightweight championship, with the winner likely facing champion Khabib Nurmagomedov down the road. Ferguson opened as a -185 favourite before moving up to -200 with Gaethje coming in as a +150 underdog. The Ferguson side is seeing most of the action, but bettors also like Gaethje to score the upset by knockout or TKO at +170. Gaethje does have the power, but does he have the defense to last 5 rounds with Ferguson on a scorecard?
Ferguson’s been so efficient, he’s on a 12-fight win streak. Many fans would like him to see that continue to lucky number 13 in a row.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (+120) and Anthony “Showtime” Pettis (-150)

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, line is moving down from a +125 to +120 underdog in his matchup with Anthony “Showtime” Pettis (-150). I do see this one getting closer to even but in MMA there always has to be a dog price. Cowboy says he wasn’t ready for his last match a lose versus Conor McGregor. Anthony Pettis is coming off 2 straight tough loses but as the younger, quicker guy he should be ready for a good showing vs Cowboy. Although, I might lean towards a split decision in Cowboy’s favor the smart angle here is to jump this Mybookie freebet promotion.

Basically it’s a win/win with no risk on this Cerrone vs Pettis fight. What’s a free bet? It’s one you can’t lose. If you bet on Cowboy at +120 and Cowboy wins you win. If Cowboy loses then you get your first wager refunded up to $49. Either way you can’t lose. Take the dog pricing and max out on your risk of at least $49 on this fight.
**Note the only bet that qualifies is the pre-match fight winner. Must be a straight bet. Must be a cash bet.**

As you can see from some of the movement on the odds board, there are a lot of underdogs that bettors like in this card. There are also some betting options for the entire card. You can bet over/under the number of total Decision victories (5.5 over +150), KO/TKO victories (5.5 under -130), and Submission victories (1.5 over -130) or take a swing at a piñata prop that is paying +2500 for the total number of rounds in UFC 249. You can also bet on the UFC SIM events which are being streamed on twitch and you can even parlay the SIM events with the real UFC card for some crazy parlay payout odds. This is going to be a very crazy mix.