Betting on Madden football – NFL betting on CPU vs CPU sims

Are you ready for some simulated Madden 20 football? The coronavirus pandemic has jeopardized the entire 2020 NFL season – not to mention all the glorious profits NFLbets was looking to make. OK, the 2020 NFL Draft and bets thereon are still happening, but NFL bettors must contemplate a real possibility that no football betting may be had this season.

Or so we thought until MyBookie and other online sportsbooks innovated their offerings with sim betting on sports. Just as NFL football draws the most betting, so too has betting on Madden football led the way in introducing virtual sports game betting to a public starved for sports to wager upon.

Betting on Madden football sim games

Visit MyBookie’s sim NFL odds page for information on the sim games to be played on a given day. There, you’ll see odds on the all the typical areas you’d normally get in an NFL game: One may bet on the point spread, money line (ML) and over/under. There’s also a link marked PROPS, but at present only one prop is offered: Whether the total number of points scored will be an odd or even number.

Since the folks over at My Bookie correctly surmised that allowing betting on a simulated game but showing only results wouldn’t fly. Additionally, the bookies clearly also saw the opportunity to integrate some new online streaming media, namely Twitch. Games run daily on on the MyBookie channel at noon ET/9am PT.

The awesomeness and hilarity of watch Madden 20 games

For betting purposes, the simulated game is set to CPU vs CPU, with the difficulty level set to All-Madden. Sadly for those already ready for the 2020 NFL season to begin, all teams are playing with 2019 rosters. It is a bit of a bummer that you can’t bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Tom Brady at QB – not to mention the Cincinnati Bengals with Joe Burrow. On the other hand, the use of old rosters should swing more advantage back to the bettor, as all teams are 100% known quantities. Perhaps if in fact the ’20 season is called off, we’ll be betting on Madden football with what-if rosters.

Watching these CPU vs CPU games is amazing. The action – though not involving actual humans – is still damn engrossing with money on the line; the impulse to yell at players and coaches who, let’s face it, don’t’ exist, is akin to exhorting the virtual reels of an electronic slot game in Vegas.

Plus, it’s Madden! The truth is that, despite how amazing much of an NFL game is recreated faithfully into Madden, there are still plenty of bizarre player actions and interactions that will keep this game out of the uncanny valley for years to come – the quarterbacks standing shock still in the pocket, Kickers calling plays in the huddle before a kickoff, the occasionally immaterial player passing through a celebrating TD scorer … fantastic.

A couple more plusses to betting on Madden football as opposed to traditional football wagering: No commercials and an entire broadcast finished in 80 minutes. Hell, you could take in a game, win some good moneys and be back from a barely longer than normal lunch hour. You know, if we still had normal lunch hours.

How to bet on sim sports

It’s as simple as betting on sports as you normally would. We’d suggest heading over to the MyBookie odds table first to check out the next game or games. You can also receive a 50% welcome match bonus for up to $1,000 in free betting money by entering the bonus code promo code NFLBETS when depositing.