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How not to promote an NFL betting site on YouTube

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 3:07 AM

Ryan Ryans shows NFL betting prowess, big gazongas on YouTubeYouTube can serve as a fantastic tool for NFL betting tipsters to promote their brands on a budget; NFLbets will most likely start such video production soon as well. As in most areas of business, the file-sharing site levels the playing field for the entrepreneur: In the case of NFL betting tips, the little guy who nails 70% of his picks no longer needs to take a backseat to a swaggering Las Vegas-based sub-50% shooter armed with advertising dollars.

Of course, right ways and wrong ways to exploit the opportunity exist. And for every slickly-produced, nicely-edited and energetically-executed tipster clip on YouTube, perhaps dozens fail. Below are a couple examples of the latter, two barely believable (and yet regularly produced!) attempts to appeal to the would-be NFL-betting customer.