NFLbets sportsbook reviews – Offerings, welcome bonuses, customer service, more

Sportsbook reviewsYou’ve seen one online sportsbook, you’ve seen ’em all, right? Wrong. Tue, the uniformity and stability of today’s NFL point spreads (and even to a great extent FBS, FCS and CFL lines) are at all-time highs. The rapidity of communication that 21st-century technology allows makes moribund those advantage-taking windows of opportunity; these days, bookmakers rarely slip up. A cynic might claim that the only differences among online sportsbooks is in the aesthetic details of the websites.

So how does NFLbets differentiate between such sportsbooks? We have a few criteria.

Range of offerings

Even though the point spreads, game lines and even most pre-season proposition bets are pretty much identical week to week, online sportsbooks are definitely not equal in terms of the range of offerings. We’re mostly talking props here and, simply put, the more a given sportsbook offers, the better. Any sportsbook can take bets on the point spread of the next Los Angeles Rams game, but how many will let you throw a few bucks at “Jared Goff Over 250 Yards Passing” or “Todd Gurley to Score a Touchdown in the First Quarter”? Player props are usually damn difficult to bet, but tons of fun.

Live betting options are another feature that separates the metaphorical men from the boys among online sportsbook. NFLbets is not a huge fan of live in-game betting – for us, it’s more of a way to lose any bankroll you may have remaining, followed by digging into a pocket – there’s no denying live betting’s usefulness as a last-minute hedge. Sportsbooks will get bonus points for this in our reviews.

Bonuses – especially welcome bonuses

Of course, *the* main advantage any online sportsbook will have over a real-life “bricks-and-mortar” casino is the opportunity for free playing money. Any online sportsbook worth its salt will offer generous welcome bonuses at very least so that the first-time player has a few extra dollars to throw. Loyalty programs also tend to be well more fruitful online than in, likesay, Vegas.

Please note that a massive welcome bonus alone is not enough to win NFLbets’ favor in a sportsbook review column. Playthrough requirements make a huge difference to the everyday NFL bettors and therefore they do to NFLbets. After all, what good is $500 in free money if you’re obligated to bet $10,000 just to cash it in? The small the playthrough requirement, the better – no question.

Customer service

Does the online sportsbook have 24-hour service? If so, what sort of service is it, i.e. is live chat or even a toll-free international phone number provided? If connected to a real, live operator, is that operator actually helpful or is he/she talking you up to stall for time?

And what about payouts? Is turnaround quick or does the sportsbook take its sweet time, hoping you’ll get frustrated enough about collecting your wins on Sunday NFL bets that you’ll throw away winnings on the Tampa Bay Rays game mid-week? Are payouts consistently quick and smooth-running?
Within the criterion of “customer service”, these are the main questions NFLbets will consider in sportsbook reviews. 

Accepting Canadian, U.K., U.S. players

The best sportsbook offerings and customer service in the world won’t help one iota if you are denied proper access based on your country (or even state/province) of residence. On top of this, citizens in both the U.S. and the U.K. are facing changing possibilities in 2019: In the former, state-to-state laws on NFL betting will change pretty much weekly in the far less exciting game of legislative lawmaking before the ’19 season kicks off.

In the U.K., the final implementation of Brexit in early 2019 could make a serious change to what have been quite possibly the world’s most liberal laws regarding online sports betting and internet gambling in general. The so-called “White List” for U.K. citizens had depended highly on the approval of European Union nations’ acceptance of a given sportsbook or casino website: Any betting site approved by any EU country or its protectorates was considered approved by the U.K. government for its citizens. This, like so much of the United Kingdom’s “market capitalism” will likely morph in the 2020s. NFLbets’ sportsbook reviews will make a note of such legalities.