National Football League - NFL team by team

Betting on your favorite team is a popular mode of betting on NFL games. And why not? Not only is your team’s victory that much more glorious, about half of the NFL’s 32 teams finish the year with a winning record – even against the spread (ATS). If you’re fortunate enough to be betting on a consistent winner, you’re enjoying all that free scratch along with the game. Bet on a winner, cheer on a victory, and buy the house another round. Rinse and repeat – hopefully

This particular page of NFLbets is dedicated to those NFL bettors whose are unabashedly homerific fans of their teams. All NFL news stories, pieces on online sportsbooks, odds and/or betting tips centered on your team (or even your team’s division) will appear on your page. You know the drill: Find your team on the below table, which is sorted in traditional fashion. We’ve also got a biref (or, in some cases, not at all brief) history of each franchise from the 19th-century version of the Arizona Cardinals to the baby of the NFL bunch, ol’ no. 32, the Houston Tecans.

NFLbets brings your best bets and picks every week of the NFL regular season, playoffs and Super Bowl – because locks-of-the-week are the all-time longtime staple of NFL betting touts. This makes sense if you think about it: After all, who bets every single game every single week? Certainly not those interesting in winning NFL bets the majority of the time. The proper NFL bettor chooses a conservative amount of games and/or proposition betting per weekend to wager on, exploiting the more obviouslylucrative picks.

In addition NFLbets presents bits on team history, news and a dash of fun once in a while, though our primary objective is to provide quality info and content for NFL fans and sports bettors alike. Your one-stop shop for NFL betting.