Washington Redskins Washington Redskins

Interesting fact: Two of the three franchises bearing brutal and ugly-stupid racist names began in Boston. Yessir, along with the good ol’ Braves of Major League Baseball, whose fans occasionally begin mocking Native Americans while simultaneously doing a modified Nazi salute, the Washington football team started in Boston.

The NFL team founded in Boston in 1932 was originally called the Braves before the preferred more racist name was adopted the following season. Those Boston teams were a mostly forgettable lot until ’36, when the team’s 7-5 record was enough to get them into the championship game, where they’d lose 21-6 to the Green Bay Packers. Things changed in 1937 with the arrival of Sammy Baugh to lead the offense. Baugh would ultimately become the NFL’s first true superstar quarterback, leading Washington to five championship games and two titles – though, to be fair, he was the starting quarterback for the infamous 73-0 beatdown by the Chicago Bears in ’40.

But beginning with the downside of Baugh’s career in 1946, Washington suffered once of those droughts that can befall a football franchise: The team didn’t make the postseason again until 1971. That, of course, was the first season of mastermind George Allen as head coach after he’d come over from the Los Angeles Rams. Washington returned to winning under Allen’s command with five playoffs runs in six years, but could never win the big one; the franchise would need Joe Gibbs for that.

Gibbs took the helm in 1982 and immediately got Washington its first Super Bowl win. (Sure, it was the strike year, but still.) They made a return visit for XVIII and would win further Lombardi Trophies in XXII and XXVI, taking out a trio of 80s/early 90s AFC beatdogs in the process: Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills.

Things just haven’t been the same for Washington football since Gibbs’s surprise retirement following Super Bowl XXVI. In fact, of Washington’s seven head coaches since Joe Gibbs, the only one to get his team into the playoffs more than once was … Joe Gibbs, who temporarily returned to the sidelines in 2004-07.

Which is not to say that Washington has been completely irrelevant without Gibbs. After all, this is written in the offseason preceding the 2018 kickoff and the anticipation as to whether this team goes for the rare threepeat franchise tag on a reluctant B-grade starting QB. And it’s been fun for years to watch idiot owner Daniel Snyder insist that his team’s racial slur of a name isn’t offensive.

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