Trivia: Five questions on NFL Betting

Everybody loves a good spot of trivia, right? NFL betting itself makes excellent fodder for factoids and stumpers – some quite illuminating for NFL bettors. The questions are listed directly below; you may cover the screen so as to hide the answers. Or read straight through for that matter -- either way, we hope you find this stuff interesting. NFLbets does love the trivia, but we are, admittedly, geeks.

  1. What was the biggest point spread in NFL history?
  2. What was the biggest point spread ever covered by favorite?
  3. What was the biggest point spread in Super Bowl history?
  4. What is the underdog’s W-L record against the spread in the Super Bowl?
  5. Who is Tayla Polia?

Answers follow.

Q: What was the biggest point spread in NFL history?
The eventual AFC champion 2013 Denver Broncos were giving 27, 27½ or 28 points (depending on sportsbook, in a rare case of deviance among big bookmakers) to the hapless 0-5 Jacksonville Jaguars in week 6. The Jags kept things reasonably close until the fourth quarter and covered the ’spread with a 35-19 SU loss.

Q: What was the biggest point spread ever covered by a favorite?
Since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970, just 10 NFL games have kicked off with point spreads standing at 20½ points or higher. In exactly one was the massive point spread covered, and students of NFL betting trivia can surely guess the victim. In 1976, *those* Pittsburgh Steelers were laying 27 points in a game against (you guessed it) the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 13 of the 14-game season. Final score: 42-0.

Q: What was the biggest point spread in Super Bowl history?
Most believe the answer here is based in Super Bowl III, widely known as the greatest NFL upset of all-time. And with their 16-7 win SU against an 18-point spread, the New York Jets became – and have remained – the biggest underdog to win ATS in the Super Bowl.

The biggest Super Bowl favorites to date, however, were the San Francisco 49ers of Super Bowl XXIX. Going in as 19-point favorites, the 49ers made apparent that they’d be covering that spread easily, and beat up the San Diego Chargers, 49-26 SU.

Q: What is the underdog’s W-L record ATS in the Super Bowl?
Believe it or not, favorites are just 27-23-2 ATS in the Super Bowl. Note, too, that the Belichick/Brady Patriots are just 2-5 ATS as Super Bowl favorites; therefore, Super Bowl favorites which do not include Belichick and Brady are a more believeable 25-18-2..

Q: Who is Tayla Polia?
Talk about your longshots. In 2015, 26-year-old marketing director Tayla Polia parlayed 13 pointspread bets plus one over/under bet in week 15 on a single ticket – and won.

For putting $5 on Minnesota Vikings -5, Atlanta Falcons +3, Houston Texans +1, Kansas City Chiefs -8, Washington +1, New England Patriots -14, Arizona Cardinals -4, New York Giants +5, Seattle Seahawks -14, Green Bay Packers -3, San Diego Chargers -2, Cincinnati Bengals -4, Detroit  Lions +3 and Pittsburgh Steelers -6 plus over 45 points on the Steelers/Denver Broncos game, Tayla got 20,000-to-1 odds and so cashed in for $100,000. Nice.