Reasons why you should never ever bet on/play daily fantasy sports

ICYMI: John Oliver masterfully rips on daily fantasy sports sites

Friday, November 20, 2015 4:03 PM

NFLbets sends kudos out to HBO’s John Oliver, who has essentially assumed the mantle of late-night political humor king from his now-retired former boss Jon Stewart, for his spot-on analysis of daily fantasy beasts Draft Kings and Fan Duel.

Oliver displays his mastery of the long newsy monologue in this comedic takedown of a pair of shady-at-best, criminal-at-worst self-described “entertainment” enterprises. It’s not easy to deconstruct an overgrown web of lies, hypocrisy, graft, endless pie-in-the-sky advertising and general duplicitousness of these businesses in about 20 minutes, but Oliver and his team are up to the challenge.