NFL betting on mobile devices, smartphones

It is the dawn of a whole new era in NFL mobile betting. With state legislatures now empowered to legalize and regulate NFL betting at licensed sportsbooks, NFL mobile betting should soon be a reality for a majority of football fans and gamblers in North America. So who wants some nifty new apps? Everyone, that’s who.

The earliest entrants into the tax revenue boon that NFL betting represents for state economies were New Jersey, Delaware and of course Nevada. Expected to legalize sports betting by 2025 at the latest are California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Washington and West Virginia.

But remember: We’re talking about the simple legalization of sportsbook operations, not necessarily about NFL *mobile* betting. The online sports betting world is a bronco of another feather, however, and even though your state may have legal NFL betting, mobile wagering may not yet be available.

Since this is America and matters of individual rights (especially those involving vice) are determined state to state, each legislature must decide on every fact of legalizing sports betting online. Though there are a pillion ways to make gambling law, one trend has proven dominant not only in U.S. states, but also in European nations legalizing online sports betting since the late 2000s. Essentially this trend states: The current proprietors of gambling in the given state get first crack at sportsbook licenses. If no specific laws on sportsbook (or any other newly-introduced form of wagering, likesay, daily fantasy football) wagering exist, those laws must be made.

Of the first two examples of legalized sports betting in America post-2018 Supreme Court ruling, New Jersey and Delaware, both were ready to roll out sportsbook operations within casino operations in these sattes from day one. However, since Delaware had introduced intrastate online gambling about two years prior to the SCOTUS decision, NFL mobile betting was immediately available. In New Jersey, no extant law regarding online gambling exists and thus did Jerseyites have to wait a bit longer for NFL mobile betting.

Once NFL mobile betting is introduced in the state of your residence, you’ll find that wagering is done with absolute ease. After all, any licensed online sportsbook is bringing at least decades of experience in the field. America’s delay in rolling out mobile device-based sports wagering is thus positive in at least one respect: When a given state legalizes, the websites and apps offering bets are formatted correctly, programmed seamlessly, glitch-free, bugless and ready to roll. Just ask British Columbia residents who remember what the roll out of their provincial government’s Play Now online casino site – the second-most disastrous website launch of all-time after

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