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Some things just go together – like betting and NFL football. Betting on the NFL is an American pastime, even if it is illegal in some states. The popularity of the NFL exists because of the games, but also because of the gambling. 

The NFL has a full season of games to provide entertainment, but the gambling takes that entertainment to a different level. 

The gambling not only makes the game more interesting, but it also makes the game more tense. 

Betting on the NFL is so popular in the United States that over 40 million Americans wager on the NFL in one way or another, and American Gaming Association estimated that over $90 billion is wagered on professional football every year.

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The popularity of the NFL is based on the fact that everyone can become a fan, with an easy to understand game, and a simple team to support. The NFL provides all of the drama that a person could ask for, with high-stakes games, and big stars. However, the NFL also provides a different level of excitement, as it is possible to place bets on the games

It is not just the games which are exciting, but the gambling which surrounds the games. The NFL offers a range of different bets, giving the gambler a chance to place their money on the teams to win, or to bet on individual displays, or on the final score. Internet betting sites allow fans to place their bets from the comfort of their own homes, while the betting shops give fans the chance to get out of the house, and to enjoy the thrill of the game, while they place their bets.

In some respects, gambling is right at the heart of enjoying the NFL itself; as that great social commentator Homer Simpson once noted, “Gambling is something daddies do to make football more interesting.”

As with any sport, friendly wagering probably took place among the crowds watching the very first football game. Yet the connection of betting to NFL football has been very nudge-nudge wink-wink since the explosion in popularity of televised NFL games beginning with the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. In those days, pre-game shows and leadup analysis was based firmly in the point spreads and odds – point spreads and odds created by illegal and ostensibly frowned-upon bookmakers.

With the expulsion of Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder and his ilk from network TV in the 1980s, the explicit reference to gambling left mainstream TV and the NFL played down even the subtlest references to odds. But there was still cable TV – not to mention office pools, rotisserie leagues which later evolved into daily fantasy football and Super Bowl betting games aplenty. And when internet gaming came along, the rolling back of puritan attitudes toward an activity which, let’s face it, a majority of fans participate, became inexorable.

In short, as states legalize sports/NFL betting, the only better time to be an NFL bettor is, well, the future. NFLbets has it all - Point spread for NFL games this week, latest odds, picks, betting trends, betting tips, exclusive promo codes, the best online sportsbook websites for betting on the NFL and lot more than you can use for betting NFL games all season long!

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At NFLbets, we’re bettors on a budget and as such, we hope to bring information, tools, picks and hopefully some fun stuff that like football devotees can find useful and/or interesting. Among our finer points include the following:

Weekly best bets and picks

The staple of any NFL betting-centric enterprise is weekly picks and best bets. To be completely honest, office pools which require one to bet on every game on the weekly slate is preposterous. Who would ever bet every single game of 16 played on opening week? The proper NFL bettor chooses a reasonable amount of games and/or prop bets – likesay, one to three – per weekend to cover and exploits those more obviously lucrative picks. “Best bets of the week” are always the bread-and-butter of the professional prognosticator, and we stake our reputation on our best betting predictions.

NFLbets will of course take a shot on these pages in our weekly picks. Despite the general folly of attempting to win even more than 59% when betting every single match, filing out such forms for fun – not money, unless you’ve got it to burn – can be instructive, as it does draw the attention to the entire league week to week and can instruct as to why certain teams win or lose. Truth is, though, the more games you pick, the worse you’ll do nearly 100% of the time.

We have the latest betting lines and game schedules for betting on Sunday Night Football Games, Thursday Night Football Odds and Monday Night Football Odds and Predictions.

2024 NFL Honors Betting Odds

NFL Honors, is the National Football League's annual awards show recognizing the NFL's best players, performances, and plays from the current season. We are your resource for predictions and odds on all the awards and honours during the season and into the offseason. Bet on NFL awards in 2024 with our top selection of sportsbooks. Remember to keep checking back with us for the latest NFL Honors odds and NFL awards betting trends.