Live feeds: point spreads, proposition bets

Ah, the NFL … with point spreads that change in almost poetic fashion and a narrative that seismically shifts week to week. On this page, you’ll see Odds Feeds from our partnering sportsbooks giving the current lines on NFL games, but proposition bets and the like.

As for how those odds are expressed: Basically all odds, i.e. the proportion at which you’ll be paid on a winning bets, may be expressed in one of three ways: fractional, decimal or American. Fractional is the most traditional of the three, with all payouts expressed in familiar “2/1” form, meaning a winning bet is worth 2x the initial wager (plus return of the original wagered amount).

Increasingly popular – due to the lesser amount of math involved, we cynically suppose – is the so-called American notation, which is based on 100. So, 2/1 odds become ­+200. Anything shorter than 1/1 or “evens” is designated with a minus sign in American notation, so -150 is equivalent to 2/3 odds.

In decimal form, +200 or 2/1 odds would be expressed as 2.00; to give another example, 8/5 odds would be represented as a more easily understandable 1.60. This form is primarily seen in Europe and occasionally in pari-mutuel horse race betting but is steadily losing ground in online sportsbooks to the other two formats.

In parlance, typically a combination of old-fashioned fractional odds and American-style numbers. Any prop with odds shorter than 1/1 are expressed in American. Anything below, likesay, 8/1 may be described with either format, and anything above that will inevitably be expressed in fractional terms.