About Us

NFLbets is produced by a bunch of folks who have been hammering away at NFL betting for years – and we’re the best.

Now, in actuality we really have no idea how good we are. The truth likely lies somewhere in the middle of perfection and mathematics, with good stretches and bad stretches within a season, prescient plays in the Super Bowl and straight-up stupid, highly profitable seasons and, well, not quite profitable seasons. We like to think that experience begets success, and we like to think we know our football betting.

What we do know about is what we want in an NFL betting website: We collect the news, views, information and the word on happenings in the NFL that affect your betting, whether a high-roller or occasional bettor. is a content-based site bringing news and information with spicy opinionated flavor that will help you make the right bets – plenty of money to be made by us all at the sportsbook, after all…

NFLbets believes that substantive content is a more interesting way to talk NFL betting and well more useful to the everyday bettor regardless of level of expertise (or budget!). 

NFLbets is not just about NFL odds and lines – obviously, these are important but day-to-day news drives this website. We’re simply trying to help everyone find the bestbets.

NFLbets: The editor

The current editor-in-chief of NFLbets is Os Davis. Os has been a professional sportswriter since the 1990s (back when weekly newspapers in mid-level U.S. markets seemed like a pretty nifty idea), and a football bettor since slightly before that.

Os is mostly about NFL and CFL football, but he has also written on NBA and European basketball; Major League Baseball; World Cup soccer; international cricket; and essentially just about the entire wide world of sports. Betting, too.

On Twitter, he’s @OsDavis42; for his LinkedIn profile, click here.

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