Real money bets on NFL football online

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It’s a snap to “enter” an online sportsbook and get to real money betting in minutes at most. With a minimum of information and time, registration is made simple at NFLbets’ partnering sportsbooks. To get started, click on any link on our pages.

After registering with the online sportsbook of your choice (a process that typically involves entering basic contact information and is usually required before even accessing the game catalogue) you can then get to work at some real money betting with a deposit into your account via a credit card, alternative electronic payment method or e-wallet solution. You won’t necessarily need to make a deposit straightaway, but you must do so before actual real money betting.

Online sportsbooks today make matters simple when it comes to real money betting. Step-by-step instructions are provided at the best sportsbooks. A few moments will pass as payment processing transacts, but in less than five minutes after registration with any reputable sportsbook site, bettors can start real money betting.

Available deposit methods
The deposit methods available at a given sportsbook naturally depend on the given site, its physical location and the location of your bank. Typically, as long as the sportsbook is accepting players from your state/province/country, it should also accept your credit or debit card based in the same unit.

Electronic payment methods (a.k.a. “eWallets”) are also quite commonly used, and some internet sportsbooks accept a truly stunning range of such options – incidentally giving the online format an edge over “bricks-and-mortar” sportsbooks. Note that the world’s most popular such electronic payment solution, PayPal, is finally reentering the real money betting world and can be used at greater numbers of sportsbooks nearly daily.

How to get a bonus for real money betting
Any online sportsbook worth its salt offers a welcome bonus – you’ll usually need to enter a promo code in the appropriate field on the registration screen. Further, with a first deposit a welcome bonus may immediately be offered to you, with you needing only to click YES to get the supplementary free playing money.

Is real money betting at online sportsbooks safe?
We go into this in greater detail elsewhere on NFLbets, but we can detail a few notes here. All decent online sportsbooks have security measures in place to protect sensitive information from outside attacks and threats. Indeed, the security levels at most online sportsbooks outdo those of the far majority of other e-merchant sites; a few even use encryption methods employed by the US government.

For added safety/security, please look for certification from a known, internationally recognized auditing firm such as eCOGRA or TST. Such certification symbols may be found at the very bottom of the given sportsbook site’s landing page.