Best NFL Betting – NFLbets’ top picks weekly

Within about 0.37 seconds of beginning serious NFL betting, one realizes that picking even mere straight-up winners for every game scheduled every week is folly at best, sheer stupidity at worst. Such an activity involves so many X-factors that any pretense of skill is gone. Think of these office bracket pools at college basketball tournament time: If that yahoo picking on basis of name has a fairly equal shot as the office hoops obsessive, well, that’s a slot machine.

As we’ve said (and written) time and again, office pools or talking-head shows in which “experts” pick winners and losers in every single game is headbanging futility at best, noise further polluting a squall of irrelevant dis-/misinformation at worst.

In fact, the ideal NFL betting situation would involve wagering on only the surest of best bets; you want to increase your chances of winning, right?

But that would ignore the fun aspects betting on NFL football, likesay, doing so every Sunday. Besides, a couple of bettable games, over/unders or at least a money line looks like a great bet – and potentially lucrative, too. The NFL bettor naturally loves the occasion when he/she outsmarts the bookie, so why not go for it every week?

To this end, NFLbets well present several point spreads and lines on which we’ll be wagering as our own personal best bets of the week every week. We recommend keeping the wagers at an even, identical level during the regular season – plenty of time to get on the rollercoaster come the playoffs, so let your bankroll chill during the regular-season. (If you want to throw high risk/high reward money other there, try daily fantasy football.)

And at NFLbets, we’ll try to offer you quality over quantity. Under our Best Bets every week will be listed between one and at absolute max six (occasionally for the traditional Thanksgiving Day tripleheader) wagers you should make. It is upon these picks that NFLbets rests its reputation.