Wild card round final results ATS (Bad Beat stories not included)

Tuesday, 08 January 2019 13:35 EST

NFLbets is certain that essentially everyone reading this knows the final scores of last weekend’s wild card games, but we’re going to list those results ATS anyway to provide a sense of closure. As in, closure of bank accounts.

Nah – in all seriousness, NFLbets didn’t do that badly, but on a weekend in which not only was 10 years’ worth of a nearly 50/50 split ATS between favorites and underdogs upheld, wild card underdogs went a perfect 4-0 ATS* in 2018. So here’s to thinking not every NFL bettor did great in week 18.

(*Depending on how many points the Seahawks were giving in any wager. NFLbets caught them at +2 and so pushed; those catching a fluctuating line at Seattle +2½ were benefactors of an amazing backdoor cover by the Janikowski-less ’Hawks.)

Below runs a complete list of results for the wild card round weekend in NFLbets’ standard format, i.e. adjusted for the point spread; all results listed in boldface indicate games – OK, just one in actuality, and you know which – in which the SU winner did not cover the spread. Comments, questionable humor and the occasional salient point courtesy NFLbets writer/editor Os Davis.

And we promise no “bad beat” stories. We’re thinking you already have a few of your own…

• Indianapolis Colts 21 at Houston Texans 5. Don’t you hate it when you’re covering a longshot in a Super Bowl proposition bet that looks more plausible going into a home playoff game and that team just doesn’t show up? Thanks, Texans.

On the other side (the side that gets to play in round two, that is) are the Colts, who insanely enough look like the best team in the AFC helmed by the best, hungriest quarterback in the NFL right now. Don’t talk to me about the Chargers – they can’t win in Los Angeles.

Seattle Seahawks 22 at Dallas Cowboys 22. Most relieved by this nail-biter of a Dallas win – other than those who caught Cowboys -1½ -- are backers of the Rams, who are looking well worse than they should at this time of year. (How hurt is Todd Gurley? Is Jared Goff actually devolving? How can a dude as big as Ndamokung Suh be so minimal in game impact? Where are the aliens who replaced Marcus Peters with an inferior cloned version?)

The earliest point spread for the divisional game was Cowboys -7 at Los Angeles, which is probably crazy too high, but no one except the homers will unquestionably put up money on the Cowboys, excellent run defense and all, even getting a touchdown against a stumbling team.

• Los Angeles Chargers 23 at Baltimore Ravens 14½. NFLbets’ hot take from this one? Since December turned, Philip Rivers, just as Drew Brees (you read that right) and Tom Brady (and that), are aging, Raiders of the Lost Ark III style, before our eyes. We’ll definitely look at the game again before wagering, but Rivers dinked, dunked and threw up the ducks more often than not, just as in the last three or four regular season games. NFLbets’ll also be considering other numbers before betting on the Chargers-Patriots divisional, but we’re guessing the Patriots ML will look better throughout the week.

• Philadelphia Eagles 16 at Chicago Bears 8½. The Chicago Bears apparently had to play nearly perfect football to win this game. And they did – except for one drive on which the defense was uncharacteristically penalized three times. Add in the robbery of a reception inside the red zone and a civilization-ending missed field goal, and the 2018 Chicago Bears may go down in history as a footnote, perhaps even a line or two a line or two in the as-yet incomplete Ballad of Nick Foles.

And speaking of Foles The Great, NFLbets will remain pragmatic. We still don’t believe in magic. Bad Bears juju maybe, but not magic.

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