NFL Week 6 (ATS) - NFL Betting Point Spreads

“I don’t mean to brag, but I’m the greatest.” – Sydney Deane, White Men Can’t Jump

Every season, it takes NFLbets a little while to get going, but by week 5 or 6 had better should always have a good enough feel for the NFL – not to mention a large enough sample size to trend – to start turning profits consistently.

Sure enough, in week 6, we gave you the New York Jets covering against Dallas, the Houston Texans winning SU at Kansas City and the Tennessee Titans/Denver Broncos scoring under. Baltimore and Washington both gave up late scores and thus the backdoor covers, but that’s what NFL bets gets for betting against the confounding Bengals (they’re 0-6 SU but 3-3 ATS) and on the just brutal Washington against anybody in 2019.

All right, so enough with the bragging. Let’s get ready to make more moneys next week after taking one last look at NFLbets’ roundup of week 6 results with scores adjusted for point spreads, runs below; scores marked in bold indicate those games in which the SU and ATS result differed.

• New England Patriots 18½, New York Giants 14
• New York Jets 24, Dallas Cowboys 14½
• Minnesota Vikings 24½, Philadelphia Eagles 20
Miami Dolphins 17, Washington 14½.

Yea, look thee not upon yon pitiable NFC North teams – unless you want to bet against any one of them, that is: As though this foursome’s combined 9-15 SU record isn’t enough weaksauce for you, the record ATS is an even gaunter 8-16. Already NFL bettors should be looking forward to betting on the no. 5 seed (San Francisco? Seattle? Minnesota? Chicago?) in the first round of the NFC playoffs.

• Arizona Cardinals 34, Atlanta Falcons 30. Hey, did you know that Kyler Murray is the Cardinals’ quarterback? How about that.

• Houston Texans 27 at Kansas City Chiefs 24
• Denver Broncos 13½, Tennessee Titans 0. You gotta love underdogs on the rise – and now is the time to start considering wagering on a Texans Super Bowl future. With our postseason props, NFLbets’d certainly dig on a Seahawks-Texans Super Bowl…

• New Orleans Saints 13 at Jacksonville Jaguars 3½. This week’s lightening bandwagon is that of the Jaguras, thereby providing NFL bettors enough space to pile on for at Cincinnati and vs the New York Jets before the Jags let down fans and sharps alike with an emphatic loss in London.

• Carolina Panthers 35, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24. We can’t blame you for staying away from this game, though taking the over in Buccaneers games is still a fantastic bet in any week of 2019…

• Pittsburgh Steelers 24 at Los Angeles Chargers 11. The NFL has really got to find a substitute for “at” in games played at the Chargers’ soccer stadium. The only thing differentiating this game from any played in Pittsburgh was the weather – and worse yet, Phillip Rivers & Co. have forgotten how to win on the road as well (though are 2-1 ATS outside of L.A.).

• Cincinnati Bengals 17 at Baltimore Ravens 12½. Whatever happened to that high-flying team that rang up 59 points in week 1 against the … o, never mind.

• Seattle Seahawks 31 at Cleveland Browns 28. Mini-Belichick/Brady (a.k.a. Carroll/Wilson) aren’t exactly making it look easy, but they’re piling up the SU wins in a way that’s making NFLbets really happy about betting on the Seahawks at 30/1 early. For those who didn’t take an early flyer, note: Seattle is currently 0-3 in home games, an outlier stat that will certainly balance out quickly.

• San Francisco 49ers 20 at Los Angeles Rams 4. ’Member when the team that lost the Super Bowl always missed the playoffs the following season? Yeeeeeah, I ’member!

• Detroit Lions 22 at Green Bay Packers 20½. Detroit now on a 4-0 run ATS and, hilariously enough, with the Lions’ sole loss ATS coming in the week 1 tie with Arizona. You know what that means: You’re getting ready to pony up on Vikings -1 at Detroit in week 7…

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