Gaming SaaS CEO on FOX Business: NFL betting in 2020 will be just smurfy!

Tuesday, 01 September 2020 16:23 EST

Was it cheerleading or the honest truth (at least inasmuch as possible on a mainstream media outlet like FOX)? We’re talking the appearance of GameAccount Network (GAN) CEO Dermot Smurfit Jr. on FOX Business’s “Varney & Co.”

Varney’s lot was covering the boycotting of practice by players on at least nine NFL teams in response to the malicious police shooting of Kenosha, Wisconsin, resident Jacob Blake – and spun the story with traditional FOXy fashion. Smurfit appeared on the show to reassure viewers that the NFL – and NFL betting markets – will be “business as usual” come NFL kickoff nine days from now.

And not merely business as usual, Smurfit added, but in fact right from opening weekend, NFL betting is “set to be big business for online gambling sites.” Based on his sources, Smurfit promised the NFL “is going to recommence and see through the season to some degree of normalcy.”

Smurfit should be listened to. Beginning in 2002 with an investment in the tens of millions from one of Ireland’s richest families, GAN slowly rose to prominence while not engaging in the internet’s gray markets. Along the way, the GAN SaaS platform for online gambling and sports betting sites has been deployed at PaddyPower, Sportingbet, William Hill, Betfair and Lottomatica. Valued at £75 million (about $88.16 million) in 2014, the company was re-valuated at a whopping $200 million in July, thanks to its entrance into the US market via PaddyPower’s takeover of FanDuel.

Smurfit must be smirking inwardly when on tv and outwardly when not at the prospects for his online sportsbook clients in 2020. Whereas the NBA playoffs have been mostly chalk and the over is certainly killing bookmakers, the level of difficulty has been well decreased for NBA bettors thanks to the bubble environment. The NBBA (that’s National Bubble Basketball Association) takes homefield advantage and travel fatigue out of the equation – a series upset from plucky, youthful upstarts riding the crowd just ain’t happening this year.

Betting on baseball, a bit of depravity in which NFLbets does not partake, has appeared to be as ridiculous as it often is in mid-May. Except it’s September, we’re about two-thirds of the way through the season, the trading deadline just passed and the Tampa Bay Rays are plyaing .694 ball but are 9/1 to win the World Series. Anyone making a reasonable profit on baseball betting this year is, likesay, godlike.

And the NFL? Hoo boy. Should 10 or 12 players on a given roster test positive for Covid-19 as with certain MLB teams, there’s simply no way games will be cancelled. Just bring in the next batch, the front office will insist, leaving the infected behind, presumably in quarantine of sorts, and off the field for two  weeks minimum. Talk about your X-factors – How about the possibility of betting on a matchup in which each side is starting a half-dozen dudes who were on the practice squad five days ago.

The 2020 NFL season may be rough on NFL bettors, but here’s to thinking Smurfit and his pals should be fine.

Ah, smurf it all to hell…