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Is the long (long!) run of Cleveland Browns’ woes merely due to just really huge numbers evening out? From their inaugural season of 1946 in the All-American Football Conference through the 1970 merger of the AFL and NFL, the Browns ran up a regular-season record of 233-68-8: a whopping .767 winning percentage. Since the merger, however, the Browns have literally been the worst team in the league…

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Since the resurrection of the Cleveland Browns franchise in 1999, the AAFCers have played the Cincinnati Bengals some 45 times. The Bengals lead in the battle of Ohio by a goodly margin of 27-18 SU and 25-20 ATS. And if you think the tide is turning, you’d better reconsider: The Browns are a “run”  of 1-3 SU/ATS, 2-8 SU/ATS or 3-14 SU/5-12 ATS against Cincinnati, depending how far back you’d like to go…

Cleveland Browns Betting News for April 2024

Cleveland Browns Game Schedule 2024: (30 games)

Sunday, 19 Sep: Houston Texans vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Sunday, 03 Oct: Cleveland Browns vs Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium

Thursday, 21 Oct: Denver Broncos vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Saturday, 25 Dec: Cleveland Browns vs Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field

Saturday, 14 Aug: Cleveland Browns vs Jacksonville Jaguars at TIAA Bank Field

Sunday, 22 Aug: New York Giants vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Sunday, 12 Sep: Cleveland Browns vs Kansas City Chiefs at Geha Field at Arrowhead Stadium

Sunday, 26 Sep: Chicago Bears vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Sunday, 10 Oct: Cleveland Browns vs Los Angeles Chargers at SoFi Stadium

Sunday, 17 Oct: Arizona Cardinals vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Sunday, 14 Nov: Cleveland Browns vs New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium

Sunday, 21 Nov: Detroit Lions vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Sunday, 12 Dec: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Monday, 03 Jan: Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field

Saturday, 18 Dec: Las Vegas Raiders vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Sunday, 11 Sep: Cleveland Browns vs Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium

Sunday, 18 Sep: New York Jets vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Thursday, 22 Sep: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Sunday, 02 Oct: Cleveland Browns vs Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Sunday, 09 Oct: Los Angeles Chargers vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Sunday, 16 Oct: New England Patriots vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Saturday, 22 Oct: Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium

Monday, 31 Oct: Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Sunday, 13 Nov: Cleveland Browns vs Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium

Sunday, 20 Nov: Cleveland Browns vs Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium

Sunday, 27 Nov: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Sunday, 04 Dec: Cleveland Browns vs Houston Texans at NRG Stadium

Sunday, 11 Dec: Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium

Saturday, 24 Dec: New Orleans Saints vs Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium

Sunday, 01 Jan: Cleveland Browns vs Washington Football Team at FedExField

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The Cleveland Browns Team

Did the AFL/NFL merger kill the Cleveland Browns? Like the Detroit Lions, the Cleveland Browns may trace their history back to days when the NFL was not a unilateral power among football associations. Even more so that the Lions, the Browns were nearly perpetually a powerhouse until 1970. And like the Lions, the Browns are just one of four teams that has never played in a Super Bowl (the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texas, born in 1995 and 2002, respectively).

So yes, only the sexagenarians and the well-versed in NFL history can truly recall a dominant Cleveland Browns team. Read solely from the webpages of history, the story of the Browns is truly a tale of two teams.

Cleveland was granted a team in the newly-formed All-American Football Conference in 1946 and originally was to be known as the Panthers. However, a semipro team claimed rights to the name, and the team was named for head coach Paul Brown, who’d been wooed over from the insanely popular Ohio State program.

The AAFC lasted but four seasons, and the Browns were the dictionary definition of dominant, going 51-4-3 including four consecutive championship game wins; their sole losses had come against the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Dons, and along with the 49ers and Baltimore Colts, the Browns were subsumed by the NFL for the 1950 season. There, the winning continued: In their first six NFL seasons, the Browns were 3-3 in championship games and completing the 10-peat of championship appearances. The Browns added another title game appearance in ’57.

Also of note in 1957: The rookie season of Jim Brown, quite possibly the greatest ever to play the game and inarguably the greatest Cleveland Browns player ever. Brown stayed around through the 60s, when the team enjoyed a decade of winning seasons, five playoff appearances and one more NFL championship. Through the 1969, the Browns cumulative all-time win-loss record was 280-74-11, a crazy .782 winning percentage.

After the merger of AFL and NFL, however, the expressions “Cleveland Browns” and “winning season” have usually been mutually exclusive. The Browns have made the playoffs just 11 times in the 48 seasons starting in 1970, and five of these came in the five-year span of 1985 to ’89; those were the years of Bernie Kosar at QB and (mostly) Marty Schottenheimer as head coach. Yet even in what may be considered the golden age of modern-era Cleveland Browns ball, the late 80s Browns are today mostly known for The Fumble of Earnest Byner and as victims in The Drive by John Elway.

In the 1990s, things got worse. Browns fans suffered the ignominy of a Seattle Supersonics-like move that temporarily deprived one of America’s football-maddest cities (You don’t have to be crazy to be a Browns fan, but it definitely helps) of their beloved team as a sop to the city of Baltimore. Cleveland was re-granted the Browns franchise for the 1999 season and, um, the highlights have come few and far between since then.

In fact, the team in the 21st century have become instant trivia fodder, as in “Which four NFL teams have never played in a Super Bowl?” and “Which was the first AFC team to post an 0-16 record?”

Since the turn of the century, the Browns have managed just two playoff appearances, going just 1-2 SU – but 3-0 ATS! Sadly, these games remain the highwater mark for both Cleveland fans and NFL bettors. From the merger through 2021, the Browns are a cumulative 261-446-3 for a winning percentage of .370, or an average season of just under 6-10. This would also give post-merger Cleveland the worst win-loss record among NFL teams by more than 30 points over current cumulative leader, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yeesh…


Let’s not mince words here: Since the AFL-NFL merger, the Cleveland Browns have traditionally been one of the league’s laughingstocks. Perpetually an underdog come playoff time, about the sole bright spot on the Browns from an NFL bettor’s perspective is that they tend to cover with the points – on the rare occasions they make the postseason, that is…