The awesome masochistic fun of betting the under

Betting on the under for an NFL game is not typically highly regarded by most casual-to-serious NFL bettors. Where’s the fun in that, they may ask, in hoping for a game with few points scored. But NFLbets is here to tell you that, contrary to such a mundane and plebian viewpoint, betting the under can be incredible fun for the bettor.

Betting the under is a bit like Bizarro NFL betting: Expectations are flipped 180 degrees from the norm and the normal fan’s agony is your ecstasy. Four primary paradigm shifts are required of the under bettor:

1. Defense rules. This should be the take from every NFL fan, but long TD passes somehow prevail in the collective imagination. No matter: There’s nothing like betting the under to helpone appreciate blanket coverage, third-down stops and freelancing strong safeties.

2. The punter is your new favorite player. For the under better, the only thing better than a three-and-out by the offense is a drive that eats up a disproportionate amount of clock and dies just outside of field goal range. In either case, the punter jogging onto the field is always a welcome sight for anyone holding an under ticket.

3. There is no such thing as defensive pass interference. “Aw, come on, you’re gonna give the offense a free 47 yards just because the cornerback pinned the receiver’s arms to his sides?!? Geezus, if anything, that was *offensive* pass interference! We should just get rid of replay review already! I remember watching Jerry Rice take hits like that 10 times per game,” et cetera.

4. Garbage time is the worst. Even in blowouts, the under bettor is often at seat’s edge. As fantasy players enjoy the laidback prevent defenses letting their second-rate quarterback run up meaningless stats and scores, those with the under chew their fingernails down the quick. For the under bettor, the despair of a losing team pulling to within 14 with 37 seconds left is palpable – and way too common an occurrence for the fainthearted…

NFLbets will certainly tout unders in most weeks of the 2022 NFL season and we naturally encourage readers to join in the fun. Bizarro betting really is tons of fun.

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