NFL preseason week 2: point spreads and over/unders

Hey, this is kind of like real football – and real NFL betting! We’ve got a whole slate of games this week, all with point spreads, over/unders and sites like NFLbets ready to speculate and make some Moneys. Then again…

Hey, this is almost exactly different than real football – and real NFL betting. The logic for the NFL bettor is firmly on Bizarro World during the preseason. Take a look at the point spreads and over/unders running below. With seemingly tons more handle than ever before, sportsbooks appear to have adapted accordingly. In essentially every game, the team with more up-for-grabs roster spots is favored.

This reasoning is sound enough: If you’re, likesay, the AFC defending champion Cincinnati Bengals with a depth chart solid in most areas except the OL, most players you’re suiting up for a preseason game are marginal third-stringers at best. Whereas if you’re the Detroit Lions of Hard Knocks fame, you’re probably suiting up some bona fide starters and giving them quality minutes. And a squad like the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams, notable for a lack of depth beyond the star-laden starting 22, is certain to be lightly regarded in the preseason.

The following, then, is the week 2 NFL schedule with point spreads and over/unders. 

• Chicago Bears +4½ at Seattle Seahawks, over/under 42½ points
• Carolina Panthers -2 at New England Patriots, O/U 41
• New Orleans Saints +3 at Green Bay Packers, O/U 39½
• Hoston Texans -3 at Los Angeles Rams, O/U 38
• Denver Broncos +3 at Buffalo Bills, O/U 42
• Detroit Lions -1½ at Indianapolis Colts, O/U 40½
• Washington Commanders +3 at Kansas City Chiefs, O/U 42½
• Las Vegas Raiders -2 at Miami Dolphins, O/U 41½
• Pittsburgh Steelers +2½ at Jacksonville Jaguars, O/U 42½
• San Francisco 49ers +3½ at Minnesota Vikings, O/U 41
• Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3½ at Tennessee Titans, O/u 40
• Dallas Cowboys +3 at Los Angeles Chargers, O/U 37½
• Philadelphia Eagles -2½ at Cleveland Browns, O/U 37½
• Cincinnati Bengals +5½ at New York Giants, O/U 40
• Baltimore Ravens -6 at Arizona Cardinals, O/U 41½
• Atlanta Falcons -2 at New York Jets, O/U 41½

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