NFL week 6 game scores, adjusted for point spreads

All the way through Sunday’s games, not one outright winner failed to cover the point spread as five underdogs won outright in the first 13 games. Naturally, the Monday Night Football game pitting a bad gambler (Brandon Staley) against a guy who seems vaguely aware he’s a head coach (Nathaniel Hackett) to flip the trend and burn lotsa NFL bettors going against that execrable Denver Broncos offense – not that NFLbets is bitter or anything…

Below runs the Official NFLbets ATS-Adjusted Scoreboard™ for week 6, a rundown of results adjusting for bettors by factoring in the pointspread for each game at kickoff. Note: Scores in bold denote those games – or this week, game – in which the SU winner did not cover ATS.

• Washington Commanders 11 at Chicago Bears 7
• Atlanta Falcons 28, San Francisco 49ers 9½
• Seattle Seahawks 19, Arizona Cardinals 6½. At season’s beginning, the top five teams in the “Fewest Wins” proposition bet were Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, New York Jets and Chicago. Atlanta, Seattle and the Jets are all at .500 marks or better and Houston at 1½ wins is still less likely mathematically to cash out in this prop than Carolina (who got 12/1 odds in the prop), Detroit (12/1) and Las Vegas (40/1). The point: Betting preseason team props is insane. Fun, maybe, but insane nevertheless.

• Buffalo Bills 21½ at Kansas City Chiefs 20. OK, so NFLbets’ skepticism on the Buffalo Bills’ publicly mandated Super Bowl LVII run is mostly quashed with this result, except … will the Bills really defeat the Chiefs twice in one season? And how can anyone believe Bills-Eagles is an inevitable outcome with so many unknowns in a 17-game season…?

• New England Patriots 38 at Cleveland Browns 12½. Just imagine how hated the Patriots would become if they somehow upset Buffalo in the AFC Championship Game with a unheralded late-round draft pick at quarterback, young unknowns on defense and an often surly head coach…

• Indianapolis Colts 32½, Jacksonville Jaguars 27. After scoring a total of 69 points in the five previous games, the Colts put up just under half that many in a game against a team they’d lost to by a score of 24-0 just four weeks prior. The Jaguars obliged their opponents by allowing just under half as many points (34) as they’d surrendered through the first five games (70). NFLbets has said it before and will say it again: These AFC South intradivisional games make no sense.

• New York Giants 24 at Baltimore Ravens 14½
• New York Jets 27 at Green Bay Packers 2½. Word has it that both Giants and Packers management eschewed a bye week following their International Series game in London. So apparently nothing can stop the Giants in 2022…?

• Minnesota Vikings 21 at Miami Dolphins 16. Why aren’t the Vikings getting more buzz as a Super Bowl contender while they sit at 5-1? Is it the beatdown loss to the Eagles? Or the 2-4 ATS mark reflective of eked-out wins over prospective non-playoff teams in New Orleans, Detroit and Chicago…? Clearly, these Vikings are not to be trusted yet, if ever.

• Cincinnati Bengals 27 at New Orleans Saints 26. Poster child for the dominance of defense in 2022: the Bengals. In the last 12 regular-season games of 2021, overs went a crazy 8-1-3 in Bengals games. The under then hit in the subsequent nine until the over finally hit in this game. Figure the sportsbooks to adjust soon enough, but for the time being overs in Bengals games have got to be looking good…

• Los Angeles Rams 14, Carolina Panthers 10. This year, even the Rams’ wins look bad; in this case, the defending champs needed a team with a first-game head coach to kick out his own wide receiver to cover the spread. Talk about your Super Bowl hangovers…

• Pittsburgh Steelers 20, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8½ … and then there’s Tampa Bay, who look perpetually hungover in 2022 thus far. Perhaps the Bucs should stop commiserating with ol’ Touchdown Tom drowning his sorrows at the local tequila bar.

• Philadelphia Eagles 19½, Dallas Cowboys 17. Surely NFLbets is not the only one checking for Stephen A. Smith’s awesome reactions after another Cowboys loss. If only he could be employed to do show full time…

Denver Broncos 16 at Los Angeles Chargers 14½. Since the bye week in week 7 of 2021, the Chargers are a stunningly mediocre 9-8 SU/8-9 ATS. NFLbets is just telling you now so as to alleviate the shock when they miss the playoffs again and Brandon Staley is canned before the Super Bowl.

– written by Os Davis

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