Pity betting – Which NFL team will have the fewest wins? – Odds, picks

Reason #172 why it doesn’t pay to be a fan: Because pity-betting the proposition bet “Which NFL team will have the fewest wins?” is one of the most fun NFL futures bets you can make all preseason.

NFLbets usually doesn’t push NFL preseason futures too much – as props get more arcane, the importance of the bettor’s skill decreases – but if you’re a fan of an NFL franchise that’s either perpetually bad or expected to be godawful in 2022 season, why not play the Fewest Wins prop? And as a joke gift, wouldn’t it be better to put $100 each year on the surer bet, i.e. Fewest Wins, rather than throw $100 at crazy odds to win the Super Bowl?

Also, think consolation prize…

The odds in the “Fewest Wins” prop are as follows.

• Houston Texans: +275
• Atlanta Falcons: +400
• Seattle Seahawks: +750
• New York Jets: +850
• Chicago Bears: 10/1
• Jacksonville Jaguars: 11/1
• Carolina Panthers: 12/1
• Detroit Lions: 12/1
• New York Giants: 14/1
• Pittsburgh Steelers: 18/1
• Washington Commanders: 25/1
• Arizona Cardinals: 35/1
• Cleveland Browns: 35/1
• Las Vegas Raiders: 40/1
• New England Patriots: 40/1
• New Orleans Saints: 40/1
• Miami Dolphins: 50/1
• Minnesota Vikings: 50/1
• Tennessee Titans: 50/1
• Cincinnati Bengals: 100/1
• Dallas Cowboys: 100/1
• Indianapolis Colts: 100/1
• Philadelphia Eagles: 100/1
• San Francisco 49ers: 100/1
• Denver Broncos: 150/1
• Kansas City Chiefs: 150/1
• Los Angeles Chargers: 150/1
• Baltimore Ravens: 200/1
• Buffalo Bills: 250/1
• Green Bay Packers: 250/1
• Los Angeles Rams: 250/1
• Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 250/1

Fewest wins in 2022: Best Bets

NFLbets hates to be chalky, but there’s some good money to be had at the top of the table. The completely pragmatic pick is the New York Jets at +850. Second-year quarterback Zach Wilson is still out with indefinite return after taking an injury in the first quarter of the first preseason game, while LT Mekhi Becton is done for 2022 with a knee injury after missing most of ’21 due to surgery on the same knee.

Lump on to the perpetually snakebit nature of the Jets is an insanely difficult-looking schedule filled with imminently losable games, excepting probably week 2 (at Cleveland Browns), week 15 (vs Detroit Lions) and maybe week 16 (vs Jacksonville Jaguars). Heck, the Jets could go back-to-back with Joe Flacco in those later two weeks, go 3-14 and still cash this prop.

NFLbets is considering the merits of covering the Atlanta Falcons at +400 and the Seattle Seahwaks at +750. By last year’s numbers – admittedly a poor metric – the Falcons drew the 9th-toughest schedule for 2022. Plus, the team appears to be in serious rebuilding mode, with longtime franchise QB Matt Ryan dispatched. Atlanta’s two name players are Kyle Pitts, who could have some nice NFL-level disgruntlement happening by week 7, and Calvin Ridley, currently suspended indefinitely for placing a few bets on NFL games.

But the Falcons seems like too pat a pick; we like the danger of going with the Seattle Seahawks at +750. Sure, Pete Carroll’s still there, but that’s all that remains of the 10s glory days. The 2022 Seahawks start the season with Geno Smith at QB and a schedule that begins with 10 games against teams absolutely expected to be better than Seattle, namely the teams of the NFC West and AFC West. Additionally, if you can take a bet that fantasy darling D.K. Metcalf ends the season with another team, take it: This dude was frustrated at a lack of touches with Russell Wilson running the offense; this situation will hardly be better.

Fewest wins in 2022: Longshots, dark horses

How about the New England Patriots (40/1), Dallas Cowboys (100/1) and Cleveland Browns (35/1)? The latter two teams surely boast enough haters and/or annoying fans to inspire outsized handles on the Fewest Wins prop. Meanwhile, NFLbets is shocked the Browns and their long history of losing multiplied by controversy doesn’t equal a 3-14 season – 35/1 is some crazy-good value in this prop.

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