NFL Week 8 ATS results: Underdogs (except the New York Jets) rule

Thursday, 05 November 2020 17:33 EST

In the shortest possible terms, week 8 was all about the underdog. Underdogs went a solid 8-6 ATS and a nice (if you bet ’em) 11-3 ATS. Two favorites covering ATS came in divisional games (San Francisco 49ers-Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles); as for the third, well…

NFLbets isn’t exactly sure what connection may be made to the greater picture of football in 2020, but this year no team is underdoggier than the Jets, who proved so against the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs. In week 8, the 2020 New York Jets became just the 3rd team since 2000 to lose ATS while getting 20 or more points: The exclusive club also includes the 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars (who ultimately went 4-12 SU) and last season’s Miami Dolphins (who somehow got to 5-11).

So, maybe this week take some favorites – including the wonky New England Patriots, getting just 7 at those Jets? Maybe…?

The following are the results for the week 6 games of the 2020 NFL season, adjusted for the point spread. Game results listed in italics are those in which the SU winner could not cover the spread.

Atlanta Falcons 25 at Carolina Panthers 15½. What did NFLbets tell you about betting these NFC South intradivisional games? The outcome never makes any freaking sense! None of the teams has a winning record ATS! The NFC South is a combined 8-13 ATS against everybody else! Wait … sorry, what? NFLbets covered the Panthers -3½ in this game? Oh. Um … sorry?

Minnesota Vikings 28 at Green Bay Packers 16½
Indianapolis Colts 37½ at Detroit Lions 21
Chicago Bears 23, New Orleans Saints 20½
. If there is a division in football which inspires more apathy in 2020 than the NFC North, NFLbets can’t think of it…

Philadelphia Eagles 12½, Dallas Cowboys 9. That was “apathy”, not “rage.” The NFC East inspires rage, mostly at incompetence and short-sightedness.

Las Vegas Raiders 16 at Cleveland Browns 5. Technically, this result went down as an upset, but NFLbets is pretty certain that at season’s end we’ll look back on this and think differently. For week 9, it’s a reminder that a) weather can be a factor starting right about now; b) home field advantage is increasingly a non-factor in the 2020 NFL; and c) the Browns are, to a nearly 100% extent, still the Browns.

Miami Dolphins 28, Los Angeles Rams 13½. On the other hand, the actual travel – especially repeated travel West-to-East-to-West thanks to the peculiarities of the 2020 schedule. From 2017 through ‘’19, the McVay and Goff Rams went 6-1 SU/ATS in Eastern Time Zone-based gams. In *four* games already played there in 2020, they’re just 2-2 SU/ATS. Luckily for the Rams, the trip to Tampa in week 11 is their last such cross-country venture.

Pittsburgh Steelers 28 at Baltimore Ravens 20. NFLbets is secretly hoping that the Pittsburgh Steelers go 16-0 SU to see the inevitable articles about “The worst undefeated NFL team of all-time” and “Are the 2020 Steelers better than the 2007 Patriots?”

New England Patriots 21 at Buffalo Bills 20. Speaking of the Patriots, they’ve got a real chance to start mailing in this season if the Jets game is even close. And if Cam Newton can’t get it done as starter, we may not see him again until, likesay, week 15…

Seattle Seahawks 36, San Francisco 49ers 27. Now firmly established: Wilson-to-Metcalf is the best QB-WR combo in the league and the awakened defense makes the Seahawks the NFC’s most complete team. In a regular year, NFLbets might wonder if Seattle isn’t peaking too soon but with the new one-bye wrinkle in the playoffs, a winning streak early means a week off when it’s needed.

Cincinnati Bengals 31, Tennessee Titans 12½. Cincinnati is one team we’re glad is taking a bye in week 9: At 2-5-1 SU but 6-2 ATS, the Bengals could be a pretty tough play ATS for the remainder of 2020. NFLbets needs some time to recalibrate expectations on Burrow & Co…

Denver Broncos 31, “Los Angeles” Chargers 27. The proper gambler tries hard to eliminate thinking about team histories or superstitious beliefs, but the Chargers are getting increasingly difficult to bet and not expect another ridiculous ending.

Kansas City Chiefs 15, New York Jets 9
New York Giants 23, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14
. Hey, the Giants won ATS and the Jets won ATS (if you had them in a tease)! Things are looking up for the New York football teams! Well, maybe not so much the Jets…

--written by Os Davis