What did we learn from NFL Thanksgiving Day betting?

Actually that title is not 100% accurate; in some cases, the revelations of NFLbets on Thanksgiving Day would be better characterized as “relearning” things about NFL betting.

54½ points is high for an over/under. Even if you’ve got two point-scoring machines like the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions – and even if one of those teams is coming in with a bottom-5 pass defense against of the NFL’s premier quarterbacks. The truth is, the final score of Bills 28, Lions 25 ended up eerily spot-on: The teams are averaging 28.1 and 25.0 points scored per game, respectively. Still, most probably were figuring on more than these teams scoring more than 2 points in the third quarter…

These Dallas Cowboys might actually be troublesome in the playoffs. Against the Giants on Thanksgiving, Dallas was in control throughout this game, whose final score really should have read 28-10 but for a long FG by Graham Gano and a garbage-time TD. The Cowboys came out in the second half and dominated in flick-the-switch fashion, an ability they should exploit in the playoffs. Hard to believe, but Dallas could go far in the playoffs if only they can avoid those embarrassing moments in the clutch and … yeah. Uh, OK ... NFLbets takes it all back.

Mac Jones isn’t necessarily the New England Patriots’ main problem. The Patriots came in to Minnesota seemingly set to “upset” the seemingly beatable Vikings – if only (theoretically) the Pats defense could be depended upon. Instead, the D allowed 33 points while the recently beleaguered Jones went 28-of-39 for 382 yards and two TDs; he took two sacks but had zero turnovers on the day. Having defended Jones, NFLbets is not prepared to define precisely what the Patriots problem/s is/are, though…

– written by Os Davis

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