Betting on hot teams against not teams in week 14

Sunday, 13 December 2020 10:05 EST

The no. 1 reason the NFL needs betting: Weeks 13-17 of a typical NFL season. Whereas purely in a bubble (so to speak), wide swathes of the last month of play are essentially irrelevant in any meaningful sense – except for the bettors! At least two of our picks this week may elicit “who gives a fuck” reactions from most typical NFL fans, we’re in this for the winnings even if we’re the only viewers for stuff like…

Houston Texans -2 at Chicago Bears

The Texans’ 4-4 SU/ATS run under Romeo Crennel represents some seriously lofty heights for the interim head coach; after all, he hasn’t enjoyed s stretch this successful since leading the 2007 Cleveland Browns. And in these eight games, the Texans are literally 0-4 against playoff teams and 4-0 against non-playoff teams.

That simple stat alone would be reason enough for pounding the Texans in this one, but as a bonus bettors get to face a Bears team that is probably the worst in the entire NFC right now. Chicago is on an 0-6 SU/1-5 ATS jag, and Matt Nagy has apparently given up on the season after the public disintegration of what was left of Nick Foles. How do we know? Nagy’s thrown Micth Trubisky back in at QB. So, yeah, we’re thinking take the Houston Texans -2 at Chicago.  

Washington Football Team +3 at Arizona 49ers

The logic behind this line eludes NFLbets; has the entire sportsbook community gone into denial about the (sur)realities of 2020? The 49ers are being forced to stay in Glendale, Arizona, for three weeks – surprise! – because the Bay Area is essentially in lockdown. That’s quite the handicap before even getting into the innumerable roster flips this team has endured during their Super Bowl hangover season.

Meanwhile, holy Lombardi Trophy, Batman, the Washington Football Team is now in first place in the NFC East! The Team is on 3-0 and 4-2 SU/ATS since waking up to realize they boast one of the NFL’s best front sevens on D and the offense has become almost respectable with Alex Smith in at QB. With a remaining schedule of vs Seattle, vs Carolina and at Philadelphia, the Team could end up at 9-7 and should at least go 8-8 – but they’ll have to win this one first. NFLbets thinks they will: Take the Washington Football Team +3 at the 49ers.

Pittsburgh Steelers +2 at Buffalo Bills

Isn’t it funny how NFL observers have collectively silently agreed that the Kansas City Chiefs are taking the no. 1 seed in the AFC? The defending champs have dropped to around 2/1 to repeat as Super Bowl champs, and that line is shrink steadily. Quietly, the perception that the Steelers have peaked has taken over, the team’s deficiencies (bottom-5 running game, we’re talking about you here) were laid bare against Washington in last week’s Monday Afternoon Football.

Beyond this, Pittsburgh has become the latest victim of coronavirus fuckery; this game will represent the Steelers’ third in 11 days – insanity in the modern NFL. Their previous two games were played on Tuesday night and Monday afternoon, so one wonders just how many Steelers have forgotten what day it is. (Sound familiar, Covid avoiders…?)

Looking at the way the Bills are playing, this game might even turn into a blowout. Buffalo’s currently on a 5-1 SU/4-2 ATS run and in the last five are running up 31.8 points per game. The Bills certainly also realize that, for any shot at moving up from the no. 3 seed will require two more Steelers losses – beginning with this one. All in all, just as with our other two wagers in week 14, this is a case of hot team meets not team. Take the Buffalo Bills -2 vs Pittsburgh.

– written by Os Davis